I'm a thief

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 29, 2018
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  • brian judge
    brian judge  a years ago +102

    I'm so glad you uploaded a vlog. I was really starting to miss them terribly ---------- Anyone else?

  • Megan is a gamer
    Megan is a gamer  a years ago +67

    I love how you support Matt too! Even if it is about the snacks... lol. I feel LOL would be INTENSE to call.

  • Its Me Taylor
    Its Me Taylor  a years ago +2

    One of the first
    <3 <3 <3
    Great vid
    Also do u still play minecraft and if u do can u make minecraft vids for ur gaming channel, joey (joey graceffa) could introduce you to the community

  • Conor Foley
    Conor Foley  a years ago +1

    Hi justine ive been watching since 2011 😁😁

  • Adithi G
    Adithi G  a years ago +3

    Hi Justine👋👋👋 can you make another cooking/baking video? Love you! ❤️❤️❤️

  • 0. 1134
    0. 1134  a years ago +1

    Why are there 500 comments that say first

  • Artistical1800
    Artistical1800  a years ago +1

    How I respond at the start of all her vlogs :)
    Hey Justine! I'm doing good! How are you?

  • JonnySuite13
    JonnySuite13  a years ago +3

    Wait, people actually been requesting the cooking videos?!!! Really?!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr  a years ago +1


  • zebrisim light
    zebrisim light  a years ago +1

    Yeah got here early for once😄

  • Igorbqmatos
    Igorbqmatos  a years ago +1


  • OfGeeksandCowboys
    OfGeeksandCowboys  a years ago +2

    Very cool. So happy for Matt he has come a long way! You guys are amazing!

  • Allen Tucksen
    Allen Tucksen  a years ago +1

    7th view!! I love you Justine

  • Loyal Tea
    Loyal Tea  a years ago +1

    6 views 213 likes... Yep typical YouTube logic

  • The Toxic
    The Toxic  a years ago +52

    You're a *THIEF*, Justine!
    You stole my heart.

  • Katija Bibi
    Katija Bibi  a years ago +1

    Keep up with good work like if u like her

  • O.N.E. Good Life
    O.N.E. Good Life  a years ago +6

    Notification squid

  • Huthwood
    Huthwood  a years ago +1

    Hi ijustine your my favorite YouTube and you rock. Your the one that inspires me to want to be a mechanical engineer for Apple. #Applehereicome

  • Moha Khalil
    Moha Khalil  a years ago +1

    yeah you are a thif
    becauce you stole my heart 😍

  • Sean O Connor
    Sean O Connor  a years ago +1

    Do u know de way .