Travis Scott - COFFEE BEAN (Official Audio)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • ASTROWORLD available at Travis Scott online: (C) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment#TravisScott #CoffeeBean #Vevo


  • Ofri David
    Ofri David  6 months ago +1406

    cardi b winning best rap album is an absolute joke

  • Maël Ravy
    Maël Ravy  11 months ago +3279

    This song makes me feel like drinking a coffee watching the rain outside and thinking about my life

  • Sperry Springer
    Sperry Springer  a years ago +3788

    most underrated track on the album, this the travis scott ppl dont realize hes capable of being, this some real hip hop shit

  • babygangster77
    babygangster77  a years ago +459

    Travis and Kanye proly high fivin in the kardashian’s bathroom right Now

  • Synko
    Synko  10 months ago +272

    You know what makes a great album?
    When you can't decide which is the best song.

  • malik kheiralla
    malik kheiralla  11 months ago +673

    It's crazy how you can hear the Kanye influence.

  • Lil Broomstick
    Lil Broomstick  10 months ago +702

    Pretty sure no one cares where you came from BTS fans.

  • BillyWilliams
    BillyWilliams  a years ago +212

    The ending makes me feel sad and happy at the same time

    OHHELL NAWH  10 months ago +433

    This song is like Travis is speaking about his problems or he got some shit in his mind, he also put it out very nice and smooth way like a Sunday morning but somehow feels kinda dark and lonely in the same time.

  • Geometry Dash MEpic
    Geometry Dash MEpic  6 months ago +140

    This is an incredible way to end an album. It’s unusual, and most people think it’s strange that it doesn’t end on a bang, however I understand why Travis did this. This is like the calm after the storm. It’s essentially a closing number, that leaves the listener on a high wanting more, yet satisfied with the album, and I give mad respect to him for doing this.

  • plut o
    plut o  3 months ago +28

    How does an album be so overrated yet so underrated

  • Martha Cortez
    Martha Cortez  10 months ago +127

    Here because of Travis Scott.

  • All Alone
    All Alone  a years ago +935

    when people say travis can't rap...

  • Ch9Am
    Ch9Am  a years ago +119

    "No matter how many tickets your tour sold
    You feel this deep in your torso,
    Feelin like someone's reading your horoscope
    Some shit only me and the Lord knows"

  • Ajie
    Ajie  4 months ago +64

    The guitar towards the end of the song really adds to the rock vibe already present on the album. The perfect

  • Breana Hill
    Breana Hill  9 months ago +279

    Why do K-Pop fans have to ruin everything?

  • JussCam
    JussCam  6 months ago +50

    You have to be a diffent type of person to rock with this. Who else head had that tingling feeling when the violin came in 😄

  • Rojo
    Rojo  a years ago +77

    This is lowkey one of top 3 tracks on Astroworld

  • Kanim Enick
    Kanim Enick  4 months ago +82

    This the real underrated song on the album. Idc

  • Sauce Jukes
    Sauce Jukes  11 months ago +79

    I love this song because he expresses himself so smoothly on this song and talks about stuff going on his life with Kylie, most underrated song on the album and that’s factz 🤐