Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Psycho' Performance Video

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 8, 2020
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    'Psycho' MV 🎥

    Red Velvet Official

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    Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Psycho' Performance Video ℗ SM Entertainment


  • DPYZ
    DPYZ  6 minutes ago


  • Gaby Mtz
    Gaby Mtz  20 minutes ago

    SM has finally restocked the album in some places like sm global shop so if you find it please buy it now!
    We lost the triple crown on Music Bank because of not having enough physical album points so let's hope we are on time for the new albums sold to be count for this win, Music Core.. guys, let's try our best to get more wins even tho now the competition will be harder.

  • Everyday is Heavenly
    Everyday is Heavenly  38 minutes ago

    Here's a guide to Red Velvet for new fans!
    Irene - The pretty one
    Wendy - The pretty one
    Seulgi - The pretty one
    Joy - The pretty one
    Yeri - The pretty one
    Hope this helped \(^o^)/ welcome to our fandom

  • jung eunbi
    jung eunbi  40 minutes ago

    someone can tell me who that girl wear white cloth and black pants?

  • nics •
    nics •  49 minutes ago

    the choreo is lit and the choregrapher was just 15 years old... and I'm here, 17, looking like a salted worm trying to copy the moves

  • Hina Kong
    Hina Kong  52 minutes ago

    this is the first time i liked the red velvet's song and it is too unfortunate i cannot see their live performances..

  • Chloe Annelle
    Chloe Annelle  an hour ago

    i always got goosebumps everytime watching the MV and this vid. and i even can'thold my shoulders from jumping cause they were following the beat :")

  • The Konquest
    The Konquest  an hour ago +1

    🧐 I’m still looking for yeri’s parts, has anyone found them???👀👀👀

  • Ria Miole
    Ria Miole  an hour ago +1

    I am not a huge fan of Red Velvet but I listen to some of their songs and to my opinion, they should release an acoustic version of this, a slower one. The song and its message is on point and I think that if they release an acoustic one, it will show some magic too. ❤

    Ps. I am not aware Im already coming back and forth to this song. Lol.

  • vi
    vi  an hour ago +1

    I never look for kpop' but this group really catch my attention. so i think im gonna stan

  • Honey Mustqrd
    Honey Mustqrd  an hour ago +3

    All of the members are amazing but I think Yeri deserves a little more attention for her voice. SHE KILLLLLLED ITTTTTTT❤️

  • Book Lover12
    Book Lover12  2 hours ago +3

    The song is great & I really like it, two thumbs up. Vocals & dancing on point as always.
    Irene: White outfit with the thing on head, white crop top. Wendy: whitish blond hair. Seulgi (my bias): Sitting in chair at the beginning, sparkly 2 piece outfit, black dress with short sleeves, hair in 2 buns. Joy: Bangs, bold lipstick, black dress with white around the collar area. Yeri: medium - dark toned hair, white dress. In an IGTV (Instagram) video on the official Instagram account: redvelvet smtown where each member talked a little bit. Wendy said the song delivers the message that people should develop their relationship in their own way, even if they seem weird to others. Seulgi's high note right at the start was on point & Wendy's high note right after that was also on point. I think Red Velvet should promote some in the U.S & I think they should've done it after releasing the English version of Bad Boy, but SM Entertainment (they company they're signed to) probably underestimated their fame or thought it wouldn't have been a good move for some other reason (if they ever considered promoting in the U.S at that time when Red Velvet had released the English version of Bad Boy). I think this song which has had little to none promotion has really proven their popularity and proven that they've gained some more fame. I think they would do good if they promoted in the U.S.

  • Robin
    Robin  2 hours ago +3

    Red Velvet 💖

  • Ngọc Thu Trang Nguyễn

    You've got me feeling like a psycho ♡♡♡

  • Big Chungus vs Moto Moto

    i'm kinda new to this (just started listening to rv like 1-2 months ago)
    1) is wendy the one w blonde/platinum hair?
    2) shes was here to record the mv and this video, meaning the incident happened sometime after all this recording? (i think? correct me if i'm wrong please)

    #GetWellSoonWendy <3

  • Lauren
    Lauren  3 hours ago +3

    I'm still screaming soty 2019 and 2020

  • chuw_ iee17
    chuw_ iee17  3 hours ago +3

    I really fell in love more with this song day by day it's never get bored!! gosh really love them

  • Choco Peachy
    Choco Peachy  3 hours ago

    Kaka qu:)

  • Oscar :3
    Oscar :3  4 hours ago +2

    Love ♥️😘🥰😍💓💞💕💖💗♥️💟

  • ᄏᄒ리쓸
    ᄏᄒ리쓸  4 hours ago +1

    오랜만에 좋은 노래인데..