Instant Save: DeAndre Nico Performs "All of Me" - The Voice 2018 Live Top 10 Eliminations

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 4, 2018
  • Team Adam's DeAndre Nico performs "All of Me" during The Voice Live Top 10 Eliminations.
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    Instant Save: DeAndre Nico Performs "All of Me" - The Voice 2018 Live Top 10 Eliminations

    The Voice


  • Rochelle Barrow
    Rochelle Barrow  an hour ago +1

    I've been watching YouTube all night, not everything somebody said about them but the truth is if Adam was so understanding about that little girl he have enough money to give her a record deal to help her get a record deal he did not have to throw that guy under the bus he have enough influence to get her something on her own she didn't have to do that just my opinion

  • Sugar
    Sugar  2 hours ago


  • J K
    J K  3 hours ago

    I hope Deandre ends up winnin in music industry like Bruno Mars ❤️ show Adam up

  • Selena Sanborn
    Selena Sanborn  4 hours ago

    Pharrell should permanently replace Adam!

  • Ms YW
    Ms YW  9 hours ago +1

    Very disappointed in Adam. DeAndre did an amazing job that night. You as a coach, not only not supporting him, also took his precious moment to get sympathy votes for Reagan. Not very nice!!! Poor DeAndre.

  • Abazi Ndiaye
    Abazi Ndiaye  9 hours ago

    I was shocked by what Adam said.
    I could not breath!
    I think Deandre will never forget those moments in his entire life.
    How can someone be so mean like Adam.
    It's shocking.
    Better leave the show before your family life starts to get over your judgement Adam. Are you going to throw every good contestant because you have a cute little girl !!!!!

  • Thiago Polycarpo
    Thiago Polycarpo  10 hours ago

    I agree with all the people who think DeAndre got robbed and want that Adam get replaced, I hope they replace him for Kelly, she is the voice, she is nice and supportive and she is a light that this show needs to continue, because now it's just getting more and more disappointing

  • Dennis Tokay
    Dennis Tokay  14 hours ago +1

    I hope they get rid of Adam that whiny very crepe

  • Patricia Jeffries
    Patricia Jeffries  14 hours ago +1

    Adam made a huge mistake. Although I still like Adam, I would never pick him for a coach after this.

  • Bambang Sudanto
    Bambang Sudanto  18 hours ago +1

    1000% soulful and touching final performance of the night...this gave me one steal this stellar young gifted contestant?????

  • Valdiceia Souza
    Valdiceia Souza  18 hours ago +1

    I'm very disappointed in Adam. But I think Reagan will leave The Voice in the next round. The others are better than her. That is, Adam will not win this season in any way.
    Sorry for my English. I tried haha #Brazil

  • krstn_grey
    krstn_grey  21 hours ago

    Why is everybody crucifying Adam Levine for this single lapse of judgment on his part. He has been a good coach ever since even paying Christina Grimmie’s funeral dont you dare forget that. R u kidding me? Fire out really?

    • anitabreakone
      anitabreakone  9 hours ago

      krstn_grey He was a very great person for what he did for Christina but that doesn’t make what he did to DeAndre alright. He needs to rethink what he did and understand how wrong he was. How he should never show favoritism over an artist on his team or take away from one artist to showcase and uplift another one. So wrong. 😞

  • Anoud3
    Anoud3  22 hours ago

    Pure talent and great voice

  • KimKnows EvenMore

    Why did it take him to now , to do something DECENT ???  Maybe not knowing who he was , or letting someone else (meaning Adam) tell him who he should be. It just shows he's not READY , that is probably what Adam meant here (but I'm not a mind reader). But , if he was ready , he would have been choosing his own songs. Kirk Jay knows who he is , so making this a Racist thing only makes Nico look bad.

  • designdesign23
    designdesign23  yesterday +1

    This was one of DeAndre's best performances and one of the best instant save performances I've ever seen. The fact that his triumph was followed by Adam making this moment about Reagan is disgusting.

  • Matheus Santos de Andrade

    I hope Kelly wining this season

    • Matheus Santos de Andrade
      Matheus Santos de Andrade  9 hours ago

      +anitabreakone when she was on the painel**

    • Matheus Santos de Andrade
      Matheus Santos de Andrade  9 hours ago +1

      +anitabreakone yeah. Jennifer had a very good team the last season she was on the painel. And now, once again with those beautiful and talented ladies. So much love for JHud and Kelly. This show is better with them.

    • anitabreakone
      anitabreakone  9 hours ago

      Matheus Santos de Andrade Or Jennifer

  • Matheus Santos de Andrade

    Love Kelly

  • Matheus Santos de Andrade

    So disappointed with Adam

  • tonyapinkney34
    tonyapinkney34  yesterday +3

    This was a great performance and a great injustice was done to DeAndre. He needs to be asked to come back. If you are on a voice competition and can't use your voice you should be eliminated. #bringDeAndreback

    • anitabreakone
      anitabreakone  9 hours ago

      tonyapinkney34 Even if he leaves next week he should get another chance to shine.

  • Elen Carla
    Elen Carla  yesterday +3

    DeAndre, you're awesome, an incredible singer and I think, despite what happened, you're going to be really successful and famous.
    And Adam, if you do this kind of thing you are never gonna win again, because your past and present attitudes and decisions are making people not believe in you as a coach anymore. Quit sabotaging your best contestants!