Elderly woman vents frustration at Hong Kong protesters

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 7, 2019
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    As Hong Kong enters its 18th week of unrest, an elderly woman vents her frustration while clearing a protest barricade: “Blocking people from getting about – what good is that? Explain that to me.”

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  • Tee L
    Tee L  17 minutes ago


  • Arachnicution A
    Arachnicution A  32 minutes ago

    After seeing how disrespectful and childish these protesters are I hope Hong Kong becomes fully integrated with mainland China. They don't deserve any better.

  • Jessy93 zhang
    Jessy93 zhang  an hour ago

    The protesters protested in Hong Kong with American and British passports!!I think it's a joke,The funny thing is that I'm worried about American intelligence,Is the so-called freedom of speech the destruction of Hong Kong???

  • bin wu
    bin wu  3 hours ago


  • Uganda Führer
    Uganda Führer  5 hours ago

    This gives the image of the protest a really bad view.

  • Mhi Kao
    Mhi Kao  6 hours ago

    #save this brave elderly.

  • lepiee
    lepiee  6 hours ago

    Wow she’s annoying

  • 沉默中死去香港
    沉默中死去香港  7 hours ago +1

    They're terrorist.Those umbrellas cover terrorist acts.We afraid of weekends .It's the fourth month now.My little daughter afraid of the demonstrators in her school every day.When is the end? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RPtu543BU8&t=68s

  • Jungkookie my BTS bias

    I don't wish for such a 👵 grandma.

  • Ukiringo Freeze
    Ukiringo Freeze  7 hours ago

    I like this Granny. She does what is right even if others don't. Wts disrespectful to elders. I was thinking why nobody of country bother to put up a team to help the country street as a neutral party. Then I thought they already gave up and ruin their own country. I mean the police and govt was wrong but I don't see how right the riot is.

  • Ferdinand Ho
    Ferdinand Ho  8 hours ago

    I admire this lady. Her courage, quick mind and attitude ensure China's continuing rise. I love her.

  • Maggie Chan
    Maggie Chan  8 hours ago

    心疼婆婆。。 😢

  • Ging Sing
    Ging Sing  8 hours ago

    Personally I sincerely appreciate this elderly lady being strong to face those unfriendly protestors

  • Kawaii Shark
    Kawaii Shark  9 hours ago +1

    I live in the same building as her . Her apartment is next to mines I know her and she knows me , she gave me a whole bag of candy once for helping her with her stuff. I FEEL SORRY FOR HER😢

  • Wah Chan
    Wah Chan  10 hours ago

    America want to give these mobs visas.

  • yuet kui lam
    yuet kui lam  11 hours ago

    世上!沒有無缘無故的恨!也沒有無缘無故的愛!這是你們偉大的!毛主席開會時說出!亞姐你問得好!👍年青們多數都是!有知識的一群!為何不去好好增值?為何不去旅行?唱K?溝女?食放題?去日本泰國玩?你唔明?我老婆子當初都匪夷所思?但仍百思不得其解!啊姐!幸好我比你有求知欲、有探究追源之精神!我在五、六年前開始上網…2019年反送中事件…奇怪NOW?/TVB播出来的新聞?有一個台新聞片?不完整事之時?以前我有…有線三個台!可互相引證……自從 4年前cut有線互後!我决心上上網!睇下究發生左乜野事呀?我上網唔會淨係睇一個網台的!我必追看上網直播?令我明白了真相?但我更迷茫……為何有一個台???直播與翌日的新聞不同了!翌日cut了及剪接關鍵的片斷?立刻不再是事實?啊姐!我明白你…好愛香港!多謝您……您可上去各個網站研究一下!可以解釋到你對年青人的疑惑!我在五、六年前開始上網!我才明白了很多?

  • Ayush Raj
    Ayush Raj  14 hours ago

    The Hk protests lost the element deceny due to Police brutality against peaceful protesters.

  • Sammy
    Sammy  15 hours ago


  • Melina Le
    Melina Le  16 hours ago +1

    I personally support HK to achieve democracy and all civil rights but protesting in a very violent way will definitely cause some injuries and harm some people. Whether officers and protesters, I believe that none should be harmed this way and can be solved through peaceful protesting. Protesting this way will also involve and affect people who just don't want to get involved. But overall, I wish HK and all of China to eventually achieve democracy through peaceful protests and agreements even though there are some difficulties for sure. 😊

  • continously high
    continously high  16 hours ago +1

    Time does change.. Chinese people tradition that famous for respecting the elders slowly fading.. Sad