Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Camaro ZL1 Part 15

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 11, 2018
  • A salvage car can be a pain to rebuild sometimes! This 2018 Camaro ZL1 has been one of the toughest build so far. There are many things that could go wrong in the rebuilding process. However we learn from each mistake and we take you guys right along the journey. Stay tuned and see how we get out of this situation and bring this car back to life!

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  • 橘薫
    橘薫  21 days ago


  • tony marino
    tony marino  a months ago

    Your supposed to paint and primer with 600 grit.

  • Kolton Dierks
    Kolton Dierks  a months ago

    Any one 2019

  • Ryan Lavoie
    Ryan Lavoie  a months ago

    I’ve always had a hard time with different shades of colors. I didn’t even notice the difference honestly

  • sidney laimbeer
    sidney laimbeer  a months ago

    Keep the roof black please,Bugatti colour!!!

  • Zube's Import Auto Sales

    Your attention to detail and making sure all your builds are 100 are why we all come to watch each week. The work ethic is 2nd to none- Respect boys.

  • B Martin
    B Martin  a months ago

    Thank you for your honesty, amazing guys doing the right thing, awesome stuff. Love all the videos.

  • Nelson Hill
    Nelson Hill  a months ago

    Blue roof better

  • jonathan murray
    jonathan murray  2 months ago

    How many holes are in tip on spay gun me ze Amazon has a five hole each side my next gun let me no no orange peal

  • jonathan murray
    jonathan murray  2 months ago +1

    Repaint. But great job. Guys one way to learnn

  • jonathan murray
    jonathan murray  2 months ago

    Great job but the hole carneeds to be primer same color primer and base that where the problem was sorry but how else can you learn I did the same thing once it will never happen again love the paint gun when using blue paint use a silver or gold base coat try it trust me the shades will be different

  • Cat & Bubble Gum
    Cat & Bubble Gum  2 months ago

    Машина получилась РАЗНОЦВЕТНАЯ... Дичь полная, дрочильный клуб, за это время можно 6 машин перекрасить и получится пизже чем ЭТО )))

  • Dustin Dubois
    Dustin Dubois  3 months ago

    need to primer all of the car first so you have the same base. the fenders are black going to make the color darker

  • Alex Triplett
    Alex Triplett  3 months ago


  • Mano Picante
    Mano Picante  3 months ago


  • Mitch Streetman
    Mitch Streetman  3 months ago

    Always "Box Up" the paint.

  • Jorge
    Jorge  3 months ago

    Hey Guys...
    Thats a new word for your shirts..
    Lern from your “MiXtakes”

  • Gerry McGuire
    Gerry McGuire  3 months ago

    carbon roof

  • Timothy Hickson
    Timothy Hickson  3 months ago


  • Benjamin Bavel
    Benjamin Bavel  3 months ago

    Why I love you guys!