China's panda diplomacy, explained

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 22, 2017
  • China's best diplomats are the ones that sit around and eat bamboo all day.Subscribe to our channel! is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. China has given pandas to foreign powers long before the 20th century, but the most current iteration of panda diplomacy began in the 1950s with its gifting of Ping Ping and An An to the Soviet Union. Today, pandas are no longer gifted, but rather loaned to other countries, particularly those with which China wants to develop and strengthen relations. Not only are pandas an iconic symbol of China and its culture, they also act as diplomats in China’s global political strategy.Check out the original article here: out our full video catalog: Vox on Twitter: on Facebook:


  • pauz
    pauz  2 years ago +3009

    Here she is biting her foot
    Here she is in the snow
    Here she is in a jumbo-sized FedEx crate

  • Skywalker Mapping
    Skywalker Mapping  a years ago +1181

    Bad country! No panda for you!

  • UnbreakableM1nd
    UnbreakableM1nd  2 years ago +1813

    why invade another country? Just recall your panda.

  • sleepyboy
    sleepyboy  2 years ago +3442

    better than dropping bombs I suppose !!

  • Daniel D. de Lima
    Daniel D. de Lima  2 years ago +1476

    Bao Bao rolling in the snow is by far the cuttest thing I have seen in a long time.

  • L G
    L G  2 years ago +2002

    Well panda diplomacy is way better than sanctions right?

  • benis
    benis  2 years ago +178

    China's best diplomats are the ones that sit around and eat bamboo all day.

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany  2 years ago +801

    Diplomacy is so passive aggressive

  • ArtistVai
    ArtistVai  a years ago +2601

    That's so mean! "If you're not my friend anymore, I'll take back my pandas!"

  • The Dynast Queen
    The Dynast Queen  2 years ago +499

    This diplomacy is so oddly specific yet oddly effective lol
    China: How about this. You be good to us, give us trade deal and we give you PANDA !! Which you must pay for and must give back with no refunds!
    World:...Hmm...OKAY SOUNDS GOOD! :D

  • Abel Aguiar
    Abel Aguiar  4 months ago +544

    USA: I should declare War on China!!!
    China: Fine. Then your pandas need to come back now!
    USA: Noooooooo! Not our Pandas! Fine. No more War then.

  • Jewel Manitoba
    Jewel Manitoba  1 months ago +111

    I thought this was about pandas having their own form of government....

  • Young nd
    Young nd  a years ago +345

    At first, China gave pandas as gifts. But those countries didn't take good care of those pandas. Many of them died because of lack of care. So now if you want a panda, prove you could take good care of them first.

  • s S
    s S  2 years ago +110

    Please do one episode on: USA's Missile diplomacy, explained

  • damn
    damn  1 months ago +84

    Here she is, biting her foot.
    Here she is, in the snow.
    Here she is in a jumbo-sized FedEx crate.

  • Solomon Waldmarck
    Solomon Waldmarck  1 months ago +65

    I won't be surprised if President Xi suddenly demands Trump to send all pandas in the US' zoos back into China because of how the trade war has escalated

  • Comments
    Comments  2 years ago +182

    At least the Panda diplomacy is much more preferable than the Anglo-Saxon style gunboat diplomacy.

  • evillbunny2
    evillbunny2  2 years ago +208

    Ah yes, I remember the year 20-o9. Pandas were being taken from American zoos in droves. Us meager peasants had to drive to and from school uphill both ways, and seldom were the pantaloons Gucci. How the world has changed since that epoch long ago!

  • Chris Pole
    Chris Pole  a years ago +97

    lol No Panda for you!

  • Charlene Tan
    Charlene Tan  2 years ago +62

    OMG IM IN TEARS THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! bao bao and bei bei are both variations of "little baby" in chinese