Paintball Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 27, 2015
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  • ThomasIrishHD
    ThomasIrishHD  4 years ago +1254

    Who else was expecting Panda to get hit by a paintball?

  • PegoNator Mecha
    PegoNator Mecha  a years ago +107

    Who else got distracted from the thing in the air during pond skipper

  • Jawad Butt
    Jawad Butt  2 years ago +100

    Who else thought that when Cody was doing the pond skipper shot he was going to shoot the bird

  • Laila Hernandez
    Laila Hernandez  2 years ago +385

    You should do a paintball battle🎨

  • Knut Brottveit
    Knut Brottveit  2 years ago +164

    Can You make a Paintball battle video

  • Adam
    Adam  4 years ago +2094

    Still can't believe this is their actual full time job

  • Chris Santoyo
    Chris Santoyo  2 years ago +85

    Paintball stereotypes please make it happen

  • TheAgentTexas
    TheAgentTexas  6 months ago +17

    Wait, your using real grenades? That escalated quickly.

  • Landon Castillero
    Landon Castillero  2 years ago +26

    At 3:51 thought he was trying to shoot the bird

  • Andrew Airhorn
    Andrew Airhorn  2 years ago +11

    This song needs if North Korea invades

  • Rage Ninja
    Rage Ninja  a years ago +7

    U have to take In account for the 1000$ planet eclipse lv1
    200$ dye rotor r2
    200$ ninja sl
    125$ hk army klr

    DESOLATOR 4  a years ago +3

    Do one with Houston Heat or AC Dallas or San Antonio X-Factor

  • Izza Nadhilah
    Izza Nadhilah  2 years ago +2

    when coby and cory doing the shots 💕

  • Russ Collins
    Russ Collins  a years ago +3

    dry firing a poppit:(

  • Nick Leppard
    Nick Leppard  4 years ago +889

    3:49 I thought the bird was part of the trickshot

  • Bram Schork
    Bram Schork  a years ago +30

    U wear more protection when paint balling the shooting real guns

  • TheFlamingTiger Games
    TheFlamingTiger Games  a years ago +1

    Hey dude perfect I love paintball but it would be better if you could play a paintball game with all of the DudePerfect so pound it nog it let’s go

  • AJ Vlogs541
    AJ Vlogs541  1 months ago

    Earlier Movie Theater Stereotypes

    Tyler:*Since when did Garret play paintball*

  • Memes And Stuff
    Memes And Stuff  3 months ago +1

    Image if they knew that they would have 40 mil back then

  • CharlieShenTV
    CharlieShenTV  4 years ago +278

    Anybody else think he was going to shoot the bird down at 3:49 lol