Wassabi Kitchen ft MOM 2!

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 4, 2019
  • Welcome to the second episode of WASSABI KITCHEN WITH MOM! Lol she's my favourite :)


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  • Expose The Technology

    Gotta get that MALK MALK MALK that MALK MALK MALK

  • The adventures Of Naina

    Haha when she gets the fruit 🍈

  • Yusuf Mohammed
    Yusuf Mohammed  1 months ago


  • H Gib
    H Gib  2 months ago

    maybe you all should stop being so immature he was just adjusting his belt ok, even if he was doing.....that..... EVERY BOY DOES IT, welcome to life.

  • Spriuk -BS
    Spriuk -BS  3 months ago

    Can people stop hating on my comments

  • jenna keomany
    jenna keomany  3 months ago

    PLEASE do a Wassabi Kitchen video with your mom where she speaks Tagalog the whole time! Or gives you directions in Tagalog

  • Valentina Diaz
    Valentina Diaz  3 months ago

    Sorry alex that was my friend being gross

  • Valentina Diaz
    Valentina Diaz  3 months ago

    Alex touched his DICK

  • Vivian Bicol
    Vivian Bicol  3 months ago +1

    Please do more vids with your mom!🥰

  • Filmarc Ariola
    Filmarc Ariola  3 months ago

    I understand

  • The Tovar fam
    The Tovar fam  3 months ago +1

    He scratched his dick

  • Vivian Bicol
    Vivian Bicol  3 months ago +1

    Don’t worry po I can understand Tagalog ☺️

  • Liliana Figueroa
    Liliana Figueroa  3 months ago

    Whoever said something mean to Alex’s mom don’t be mean to her if all she is doing is cooking dang

  • Nancy Hepler
    Nancy Hepler  3 months ago

    Your mom is sooo funny.😀❤️

  • kim kelsey
    kim kelsey  3 months ago

    GUYS ITS THE BELT HATERS I’m sorry Alex they mean

  • Poncho Ceron
    Poncho Ceron  3 months ago

    He was just adjusting his belt if you look closely it looks like a belt you can really see the form of the belt trust me

  • Talita Lopez
    Talita Lopez  3 months ago

    You can even see he was adjusting his belt

  • Baenne Obaid
    Baenne Obaid  3 months ago

    You are a good chaf

  • tamera flores
    tamera flores  3 months ago +1


  • tamera flores
    tamera flores  3 months ago +4

    Alex i knew u were adjusting ur belt from the beggining bcs i knew u would never do that nasty stuff