Google Home Max Review: $400 Smart Speaker?

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 14, 2017
  • Google Home Max is a ridiculously powerful smart speaker for $400. Is it worth it?Google Home Max: test song: Say Nada (Remix) by ShakkaVideo Gear I use: Track: On and On Pt II by Hocus Pocus~


  • Minato_ Senju
    Minato_ Senju  8 months ago +951

    400$ ❌
    399$ ✅

  • Mike Workman
    Mike Workman  a years ago +1303

    I want one that talks like Morgan Freeman.

  • Jack [REDACTED]
    Jack [REDACTED]  a years ago +670


  • Marco Breemhaar
    Marco Breemhaar  28 days ago +40

    You said 'Hey Google, stop playing' and my Google Home told my Chromecast to stop playing the video 😂

  • UnPhayzable
    UnPhayzable  a years ago +1318

    But can I turn it into JARVIS?

  • Tom Hekman
    Tom Hekman  a years ago +141

    Google be like: BUT CAN YOU DO THIS, FOR ONLY 399

  • JustThat GuyHW
    JustThat GuyHW  1 months ago +18

    "I plugged my phone charged... Which is cool" 😂

  • Richard Welch
    Richard Welch  a years ago +145

    Thanks for turning on my Alexa. She is now confused.

  • Roddy
    Roddy  a years ago +116

    Did you know that google is using a quote from you in their ad for the pixel 2?

  • Jesús Chaidez
    Jesús Chaidez  21 days ago +15

    Here I am two years later after waiting since I told myself I'll buy once the price drops and successfully got it for $195

  • Wood.Work.LIFE.
    Wood.Work.LIFE.  a years ago +101

    Dr, Disrespect in the background, legendary

  • Tim Vida
    Tim Vida  7 months ago +14

    Dude you are seriously handsome. Great review too.

  • master Beats
    master Beats  a years ago +99

    The beast tech reviewer since 21 march 2008
    I used to watch videos of you with my older bro it was just I forgot your face now I remomber the past I loved your content and will always will

  • UnPhayzable
    UnPhayzable  a years ago +1265

    I use my Google Home to repeatedly ask what day it is because I'm too lazy to remember

  • Mazdak Farzone
    Mazdak Farzone  a years ago +13

    Don't know if it's mentioned here but:
    You can plug in an Ethernet adapter to the USB-C port and enjoy the perks of a wired connection to your speakers if you want!

  • Isaac Ewegbeje
    Isaac Ewegbeje  a years ago +44

    I'm very thankful that you always put the music used in the description.

  • Luizin Pontes
    Luizin Pontes  a years ago +54

    I see the two times, back to back, consective years, 1993 and 1994 blockbuster videogame champion over there.

  • Jason
    Jason  2 months ago +11

    His voice triggered my Google home I got so scared🤣🤣

  • Ryder Jessup
    Ryder Jessup  2 days ago

    2:52 You know you could still plug that in if you went through the tedious effort of turning it upside down. Lol

  • M H
    M H  7 days ago +1

    I brought one of these home last night.
    As I opened the box I thought to myself "I should video this and post it on youtube" but then I remembered I wasn't a cockhead.
    Sound quality, I haven't noticed much difference from the home, but I have only had it a short time.