Meet TSM Daequan

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • Learn about Daequan's origins, parents, struggles, and more in this mini documentary about his life! Meet TSM Daequan! Official TSM Shop http://tsmshop.com TSM:▶ Website:▶ Instagram:▶ Facebook:▶ Twitter:▶ Plays.TV:▶ Snapchat: TSMpro


  • dakotaz  11 months ago

    Daequan changed the game forever. LITERALLY ... Double pumps.

  • Hey Dak.. Hope he will be fine.. Just missing his vids a lot bro.

  • Mythical-Z  3 days ago

    Not forever :/

  • Tristan Pearson  7 months ago

    who think he is better than ninja

  • Treya Treya  5 days ago


  • TheT1tan  10 days ago

    @gaming legend I alr know I'm better if your only video is "I died" I'd rather not make a video ever than make a video called "I Died" and weirdly trip over a soccer ball. Yr probably in some other country, so you'd win cause I'd have a lot of ping. But if you aren't then I'd clap u!😈😤

  • Beckendorf70 KTM  8 months ago

    “You got 0 kills why are you dancing”😂

  • Traci Johnston  12 days ago


  • Cyxlone  1 months ago

    He meant to say what dequean said about that guy who got 0 kills no duh dont be autistic 😭😭

  • Xx_V01D_xX  3 months ago

    Daequan is that one cool cousin that is 8 years older than you

  • Amarion YTG  10 days ago


  • DashCamTrini  8 months ago

    I was actually hoping to hear his dad say "Come 'ere boy!"

  • yo mama  4 months ago

    LMFAOOO I’m dying

  • Tesco is Cool  4 months ago

    It’s weird hearing Daequan speaking normal English

  • Dark Side  12 days ago


  • Abstract Alex  3 months ago

    Tesco is cool xd

  • He is entertainer, not just a gamer

  • ILoveCats Gaming  4 months ago

    Daequan as a babyDae:D-D-DMom:Omg I think he’s about to say his first words!!!!Daequan:D-D-DIS GAME DOO DOO

  • Dark Side  12 days ago


  • Mohammed Njie  16 days ago


  • boiiixx1  4 months ago

    Imagine daequan became a basketball player

  • 42oz !  1 months ago

    Nathan can’t* Fucking dumbass I’m team @Builduh TheGoat

  • Nathan  1 months ago

    @Builduh TheGoat says one who cant spell

  • Chad Adaza  11 months ago

    This is the first time I’ve heard daequan speak normally 😂

  • Chizzy Gaming  23 days ago

    @The white ninja Z try 3.4k