Unprofessionals Guide to Opening a Tesla Battery Pack

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 12, 2018
  • In this episode I show everyone how you aren't supposed to open a Tesla Battery pack, remember everyone... Safety Second! Also checkout the new camera gear down below

    SD Card holder

    Camera Stabilizer


    Camera Bag

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  • Jose Sousa
    Jose Sousa  21 days ago

    Thanks for the video.
    What's the name of those sheets of "paper" at 5:29 ?

  • Wil Liam
    Wil Liam  a months ago

    Кто от rozetked?
    Думал посмотреть только этот видос, а уже третий подряд смотрю !
    Канал норм! Так ещё и английский подтяну 👍🏻

  • shyam sundar d8
    shyam sundar d8  2 months ago

    im interested in buying tesla battery how do i contact u

  • The Fat Man's Garage

    what is that blue stuff? is that like a coolant for the batteries when they charge and discharge?

  • Joseph Ola
    Joseph Ola  4 months ago

    i have a 4.5 years old s60 and range is slowly dying. If I get a salvage 100D, is it possible to put that battery on my s60? Awesome videos btw.

  • Klab
    Klab  5 months ago

    damnnnnnn thats so many batteries, i need to get a hold of a broken ass tesla

  • Dino Pasic
    Dino Pasic  6 months ago

    What do you do with modules?

  • mohamd hussen
    mohamd hussen  6 months ago

    hello... can i find with you Tesla's Barbarities just like this car and i want them to make power point to provide my house with electrical energy because we dont have good power supply .. i saw 15 battery in this video and how much the cost of them all? or maybe you can sell me several batteries ? and can you tell me the new original batteries price?

  • Tony B
    Tony B  7 months ago

    Why does the battery pack cover have so many screws?

  • Chaos Corner
    Chaos Corner  8 months ago

    I lost a camera memory card out of my pocket while on a motorcycle ride. Backtracked ten miles or so and there it was sitting in the road. Sometimes it's worth a look.

  • DundaBluebone
    DundaBluebone  8 months ago +1

    i guess i dont understand why you are cutting the coolant lines rather just disconnecting them.

  • Silvers Rayleigh
    Silvers Rayleigh  8 months ago

    paha noooob !

  • Hawkadium
    Hawkadium  8 months ago

    Are those just like stacked AA batteries? :P

  • greatogbuagu
    greatogbuagu  9 months ago

    Do u still have some batteries for sale?

  • drunkenmaster666
    drunkenmaster666  9 months ago

    01:40 - Rich tells you not to use metal pry tools, while using a metal pry tool. Perfect!

  • Роботы газонокосилки

    Look like these guys are robbing tesla to its component parts.

  • GMT
    GMT  10 months ago

    Would it be possible to cheaply purchase a Tesla battery pack (used or new) to attach onto a caravan?

  • transmittingtherage
    transmittingtherage  10 months ago

    How much do you know about the battery packs themselves? Charge rate? Discharge rate? Operating voltage?

  • GoOutsideMan
    GoOutsideMan  11 months ago

    OSHA approved lmao

  • Deerhunter102
    Deerhunter102  11 months ago

    You know whats funny about this video? I seem to remember a video you did in the past where a single person stole all 16 modules in under an hour.... lol