Bugatti Chiron Unboxing, Delivery, Revs, Wheel Change and Performance Testing!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 10, 2018
  • We head out to Wheels Boutique in Miami, FL to take delivery of their brand new Bugatti Chiron. While there we swap out the wheels and a set of lighter ANRKY wheels, take off the temporary bumper, go over the launch control procedure and do some performance testing including 60-130 MPH. sure to subscribe for a lot of upcoming Chiron Content:


  • MoxOfWar
    MoxOfWar  5 months ago +83

    I would NOT trust those rims at anything above 150mph. Stock rims were specifically engineered to handle almost 300mph.

  • BakaOppai -
    BakaOppai -  5 months ago +137

    A Bugatti with those wheels, lol... You turned it into a 3million dollar honda.

  • Marius_Not_Pikachu
    Marius_Not_Pikachu  5 months ago +137

    I came here to see a Chiron, not a douchebag convention

  • Eduardo Arturo Martínez González

    Those rims are a crime

  • Holy OK
    Holy OK  9 months ago +52

    I honestly hope Bugatti never sells you another car

  • velkoto1
    velkoto1  9 months ago +208

    So you removed your 450+ km/h capable real engineered wheels that were specifically made for this hypercar to put those idiotic after market wheels? Its true that money can buy you everything, but it can't buy you brains.

  • B bo
    B bo  5 months ago +78

    Sorry those new rims look like they go on a 20 yo Miata.

  • spacey bard
    spacey bard  9 months ago +57

    R.I.P Bugatti you had style till these people got their hands on you

  • Peteng 13
    Peteng 13  9 months ago +372

    Why would you change the wheels on a $3.4M car? Everything is calculated and there for a reason in this car. Especially if you change them to these horrendous looking red wheels.

  • josj15
    josj15  9 months ago +196

    supercars were better when twats like this didnt own them

  • Sayre Rowan
    Sayre Rowan  5 months ago +28

    Those red rims are horrific looking on that car. Why does having the money to buy one of those cars mean you also have zero taste?

  • biteme
    biteme  5 months ago +23

    Got a Bugatti but not a windows license

  • Niek Schouwenburg
    Niek Schouwenburg  7 months ago +17

    jesus Christ y'all don't deserve that car lmao.

  • Mustafa Manna
    Mustafa Manna  9 months ago +283

    I thought it was a replica when I saw the thumbnail 😂

  • Traylay
    Traylay  9 months ago +84

    Those wheels look horrible. And dont try going fast with them. There is a reason Bugatti didnt make their wheels lighter. Yours will break apart at high speeds.

  • Trollpick
    Trollpick  4 months ago +30

    What a poor choice of colors in this bugatti, it looks like a penguin with red shoes.

  • MJ W
    MJ W  8 months ago +25

    You can almost hear the engineers at Bugatti crying as they put those wheels on. The stock wheels and tires are rated to 280mph, heaven knows what sort of manufacturing processes and testing they go through, then they put some aftermarket off the shelf wheels on ! 😂. Also I am pretty sure Bugatti say only a trained dealer should change tires on those wheels and you have to buy wheels and tires together. On the veyron new tires meant new wheels.
    Anyway good video and I guess these guys business is aftermarket wheels so they bought the Chiron to advertise their wheels. I wonder if they have affected their warranty with the wheel change !?, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have invalidated something very expensive 😒

  • The Maverick Mind
    The Maverick Mind  2 months ago +21

    As a memeber of the comment section investigation unit (CSIU), I can tell you, NOBODY LIKES THOSE WHEELS.

  • Generation-X
    Generation-X  2 months ago +4

    Bugatti shouldn't honor any sort of damage this car sustains.

  • rumen georgiev
    rumen georgiev  8 months ago +32

    some redneck youtubing there, bravo guys! Dirty t-shirts and runners in the bugatti.....hillbilly climbing in the trailer and so on...