Jerry Seinfeld Does Not Want to Be Here - Late Night with Seth Meyers

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 10, 2015
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  • aldown
    aldown  4 years ago +2606

    It feels like the pre-interview was "Jerry has a joke about the pre-interview", so they did the "pre-interview" bit

  • Dale Cooper
    Dale Cooper  2 years ago +888

    So, it's an interview about nothing... you've come a long way Jerry.

  • Sasha V
    Sasha V  4 years ago +398

    Nobody does the unrehearsed late night interview better than Craig Ferguson

  • FlyingOverTr0ut
    FlyingOverTr0ut  4 years ago +1136

    I love seeing Seinfeld be kind of a prick. Even when he's doing it, it's hilarious.

  • vincevega0
    vincevega0  4 years ago +57

    Seinfeld was good on his tv show but I found him to be slightly arrogant/standoffish here and on Larry King.

  • Jesse Cohen
    Jesse Cohen  3 years ago +189

    Next thing out of Seth's mouth: "So, I hear you were on vacation..."

  • Co⊙zeB○Yz
    Co⊙zeB○Yz  4 years ago +286

    It was funny at first, but then it turned into obnoxious arrogance.

  • MasterofPuberty
    MasterofPuberty  4 years ago +642

    This might be the most honest talk-show interview segment ever, even if they did a pre-interview about how they're not going to talk about the pre-interview during the interview.

  • jabroniman
    jabroniman  3 years ago +67

    "What's the deeeeaal with pre-interviews"?

  • LowerTheBoom
    LowerTheBoom  4 years ago +29

    Jerry Seinfeld is toe-tapping the "line" of being innappropriate and rude. I love Jerry Senfeld but I was like dude that is to mean to Sether Meyers.

  • dilpreet kaur
    dilpreet kaur  3 years ago +139

    craig ferguson would have been your guy!

  • Chris Place
    Chris Place  3 years ago +76

    It's so strange... this is the second interview out of 2 ive seen where Jerry feels the need to remind everyone about what he's accomplished.  I've always hated false modesty but it just isn't very attractive at all to hear people so blatantly promote their accomplishments... especially when they bring up the subject.

  • Eric Alexander Affrin
    Eric Alexander Affrin  4 years ago +45

    Is it just me or does Seth look kinda like Tony Hawk?

  • david eisenbud
    david eisenbud  3 years ago +93

    The joke was Jerry didn't want to come on the show but did ..

  • MrIlleism
    MrIlleism  3 years ago +130

    This is what made Craig Ferguson so damn special and awesome!

  • Jack Colton
    Jack Colton  4 years ago +128

    Someone needs to give that man a Snickers bar.

  • Paul Heckman
    Paul Heckman  2 years ago +20

    Seinfeld always comes off as smug to me

  • Alberto Vicente
    Alberto Vicente  4 months ago +11

    Jerry Seinfeld your a Lame!!

  • CCW Noob
    CCW Noob  7 minutes ago

    I love when one of them drives another one crazy.

  • Shawn Shiraz
    Shawn Shiraz  11 months ago +62

    Jerry's ego is starting to consume him.