Night of Smooth Jazz - Relaxing Background Chill Out Music - Piano Jazz for Studying, Sleep, Work

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 13, 2018
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  • Nate Knott  3 days ago

    I’m very glad this is on YouTube. I’ve realized that a lot of people with anxiety can listen to this and relax and cope. It’s helped a lot with me and I hope it does for someone else (:

  • RICHARD GILBERT  9 months ago

    i feel so damn classy listening to this while eating leftover pizza and nachos..

  • Varma Jamunar  15 days ago

    RICHARD GILBERT can’t go wrong with pizza and Jazz, the only thing missing would be sitting on an ocean front with candle light !

  • Joseph Miller  19 days ago

    Ha... Love it.... you're one funny Dude... well done!

  • CroNiiX Slayr  3 months ago

    I would've married jazz if it was a person

  • maureen hadely  2 days ago


  • CroNiiX Slayr  3 days ago

    Hearing it while sleeping should triple that

  • Tuan Anh Phan  2 days ago

    I'm totally into this soft jazz, it really helps me get out from daily life and tasks. Friday nights, grab a view, chills and jazz on :)

  • maureen hadely  2 days ago

    This music is very calm and relaxing. Jazz is really soothing and noce

  • Troll301  2 days ago

    A whole year later and this amazing beautiful person is still hearting comments

  • Key Love  2 days ago


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  • Key Love  2 days ago

    love 🧡 puts you on higher higher pedestal 👏listening to this in the bathroom..and even in the. kitchen through the whole yourself ....and no. company of others,this mist fog n the midnight 🌃🌙the touch of the person giving you the sensation, of intimacy, of. lovely convos, and the ,saxophones is the stroke of bass,,,that leaves you n a endless love,,,the body and. soul enrichment, the taste of fine wine, fire place ,and the imagination of the worldpeace ,I love it,,wht more can...

  • Dylanator 216  2 months ago

    I am listening to this as i eat my dinner on my balcony looking at the city felling the warm summer night breeze

  • Krystal Tan  3 days ago

    Damn... You hella gucci sis

  • Mark Walker  11 days ago


  • FrankScroll 8194  13 hours ago

    It’s Total comfort music, perfectly organised calm