Otter Plays With Baby Deer.

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 16, 2011
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    Random otter wants a belly rub from a mother deer and her fawn. Cutest thing ever! (For affordable lodging in Ucluelet BC Canada Go to


  • George Mallory
    George Mallory  2 days ago

    Otter wanted to drag a fawn into the water and drown and eat it. Plain and simple. The playfulness was just an act to avoid being stomped while it got the right angle and gained a bit of unwarranted trust. Momma never bought into it for a second.

  • Craig A Davies
    Craig A Davies  3 days ago

    Last time I saw that behavior from an Otter , it was "playing" with a very large Turtle ,, they played nicely together,,, until the Otter ate the turtle ,,
    Otters are very calculating vicious hunters .

  • Michelle McBriarty

    Steve if you wanted to impress the dear family you should have juggled your rocks. Now they just think your, well weird.

  • Mollyv8b
    Mollyv8b  5 days ago

    Well that is the cutest video I have seen ever!!

  • Dorothy G. Tyas
    Dorothy G. Tyas  5 days ago

    Adorable playmates! 💋❤💋

  • J J
    J J  7 days ago

    This is how otters lure their prey into an ambush. There are more otters hiding ready to pounce once the the bait otter grabs one of the fawns. The mother deer is on to the ploy and isn't going to let the hungry otter and his pals get close enough to grab one of her fawns. This otter isn't playing.

  • Terry B
    Terry B  7 days ago

    The otter is going to keep rolling over and expecting the deer to do the same. I guess he's going to be waiting a long time.

  • Guybrush Threepwood

    Deers are so unbelievably stupid holy fuck

  • 1chicfox
    1chicfox  7 days ago

    Momma is trying to protect her babies, but otter just wants to cute

  • Вера Паук

    Забавно!😃😃😃😍😍😍 Мама-лань не поняла этой игры...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Not My Real Name
    Not My Real Name  7 days ago

    That otter wanted to rape that baby deer.

  • dian kreczmer
    dian kreczmer  7 days ago

    I think deer are naturally skittish, I do not know about otters

  • Adam Nugent
    Adam Nugent  7 days ago

    lol. that is one looney tooney otter.

  • Azhdarcho
    Azhdarcho  7 days ago +5

    The video should be renamed to "Hungry otter tries to kill fawns while mama doe defends them". Nothing cute about this, people. This otter is clearly in hunting mode.

  • Heidi Turner
    Heidi Turner  7 days ago

    That mama deer is like " what kind of crazy thing is this ", lol.😂

  • bulatus
    bulatus  14 days ago

    if you stop humanizing animals you will see a pattern that is not as cute to many commenters. I think otter exposing his belly to show momma deer that he is not a threat, but he is constantly trying to get closer to fawns and retreats when larger deer approaches. Clearly, that otter is hunting and deer understands it, it does not attack, because it is not provoked yet. Animals tend to save energy and avoid confrontation if possible.

    Seeing wild animals only as playful and jolly fellas is what usually gets people in trouble, be it nature or zoo. Predators do play as a cat plays with a mouse.

  • Jenny Huff
    Jenny Huff  14 days ago

    Where did the otter come from? Where do they live?

  • BootsNsaddle
    BootsNsaddle  14 days ago

    ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC !!!!! I don't think the otter wants a tummy rub at all, looks more like a sign of non-aggression. Same as dogs do. It's more a sign of "Hey, y'all want to play ?? I am NO danger to y'all. I'm just really lonely,, plus I'm lost. So, what the hell, LET'S PLAY"> !!!

  • Audrey Spath
    Audrey Spath  14 days ago

    I'm not sure the other wants to play. They are carnivores so he might be trying to trick them so they get close and he can attack. Thinking about it I wouldn't want to live where others can go in my yard.

  • Jenna Lee
    Jenna Lee  14 days ago

    where this happen?