Lil' Kim - Nasty One (Official Music Video)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
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  • Shar S  4 months ago

    The new face don't stop the talent 🤷‍♀️.. Ijs. ppl are so judgmental just accept her for who she is now.. Damn.. she still living and breathing and has a passion for music. Go Kim🤩👸👏

  • mili V  yesterday

    I mean she should put more cartilage in her nose but she don't even look bad!

  • Jeffy NM  21 days ago

    If Nicki did that y'all Would Say she can't Rap anymore.

  • That Kid  6 months ago

    Who’s listening in 2019?!

  • DDomino Geronimo  6 days ago


  • fbforlife2014  1 months ago

    nobody this song is a flop

  • The Demons Doctor  8 months ago

    Just hate how she destroyed her skin color and facial appearance

  • Valerie Carre  8 days ago

    Sad but the hate on black women is strong.. I am just happy she is workingn through the low self esteem issues....i am sad about it but i know where cones from

  • Razmik Flow  23 days ago

    I think it's funny how people like you make comments like that but you damn well know dark skin is not popular and people ain't checking for dark skin. Let's not forget who biggie married instead of Kim. If she "destroyed" her skin to feel better let her do it. It's her life. She is not here on earth to struggle for your affirmation.

  • Ron Harrison  6 months ago

    to shut y'all up Kim started this sound in 07-08 it was stolen from her don't forget respirator, A milli,and download started this sound for all these artist

  • Joseph Green  8 days ago

    its because the industry doesnt like old artist, they always replace them with fresh new ones. thats how satan works man.

  • kiara brinkley  1 months ago


  • MP  11 months ago

    we have to really appreciate Lil Kim more than ever. After Lil Kim there won’t be none. She’s a living legend. don’t love her when she’s gone. Love her now ❤️ Thank you Kim. Love you till i die.

  • Cassandra Amore  11 months ago

    MP well said

  • Artesia Townes  3 months ago

    Lil Kim has always been one of my fav female rappers. Whatever she does with her looks is her business. She is a rapper not model. And she is beautiful regardless.

  • Micheal Golden  3 months ago

    Artesia Townes facts love this

  • Chrissy Gilliam  3 months ago


  • Xanon  8 months ago

    I hated this song when it came out but now I listen to it about 3 times a day. Let's just say I love it and totally "get it" now. LOL. It took awhile for me to get used to PATOIS Kim, AUTOTUNE KIM, HARMONIZING KIM. But now I am here for all of that. Please release more songs more often, KIM JONES!!!

  • Terrence Floyd  3 months ago

    That part

  • Terrence Floyd  5 months ago

    That part

  • A. Cole  3 months ago

    i don't care what anyone says... i love this track it's such a vibe!

  • Dre Wright  4 months ago

    Lil Kim been doing autotune since 2000 on her 2nd Album called The Notorious K.I.M the song is called I'm Human. I still like her voice when its autotune.

  • Ch33zyBreadTrellie  1 months ago

    Yea but this more of the island sound that rappers use. Back when she did it, it wasn't popular, and that song was better. It's obvious she doing what's relevant today. Not cuz she used to do it, but because today it's what sells

  • Jazzmin Sharp  11 months ago

    That wavy black hair is everything!

  • Jazzmin Sharp  11 months ago

    Renaissance Marie Austin That's why she is the queen bee.

  • Adrienne Harrison  11 months ago

    Same. I wonder where these celebs purchase their wigs