Nick Wright: 'Warriors are a lot of things, Organic isn't one of them' | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • Nick Wright and Cris Carter discuss Andre Iguodala's recent comments defending the Golden State Warriors. Additionally, Nick shares his thoughts on how the Warriors formed their super team.

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    Nick Wright: 'Warriors are a lot of things, Organic isn't one of them' | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

    First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright


  • First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

    Are the Warriors ruining basketball?

  • jerrett barkley
    jerrett barkley  5 months ago

    Draymond Green was drafted just like Thompson and Curry Smh...

  • Franklyn Maldonado
    Franklyn Maldonado  6 months ago

    His nose gets bigger and bigger for lying to the public.

  • Studyo Gangsta
    Studyo Gangsta  7 months ago

    4 [email protected]#$ sakes!!! It was the draft...Steph, Klay, Dray!! It was free agent signing...F-Stop, Barbosa, Speights, KD, Boogie!! It was trades...D-Lee, Bogut, Andre!! Don't get mad cuz they made great deals!!

  • Isaiah Richardson
    Isaiah Richardson  10 months ago

    I don't even like the Warriors but Nick wrong makes me like them when he talks about them

  • Isaiah Richardson
    Isaiah Richardson  11 months ago

    I don't even like the warriors but because of nick wrong he makes me like them

  • Isaiah Richardson
    Isaiah Richardson  11 months ago

    Nick wrong lives in the past

  • Evandro Mata
    Evandro Mata  a years ago

    why Nick Wright always is trying demonize the GSW or particularly the players ?

  • az001m
    az001m  a years ago

    They may have 5 all stars. They drafted and developed 4 of the 5 all stars

  • Tactix88
    Tactix88  a years ago

    The only thing funny is Nick Wright's face 🤥😂

  • julen aitor ciriza
    julen aitor ciriza  a years ago

    so when lebum does it is fine

  • otis youngblood
    otis youngblood  a years ago

    Yeah bnb organic yhey drafted they core players

  • Rh Hr
    Rh Hr  a years ago

    Nick wrong

  • Ricky B
    Ricky B  a years ago

    Nick so mad warriors keep beating lebron 😂

  • Shekhar Mahadevan
    Shekhar Mahadevan  a years ago

    Look up Clueless in the dictionary, and you'll see a poster of Nick Wright. This man should have a gag order placed on him or we need to gofundme to get him a much need brain surgery.

  • 1994
    1994  a years ago

    How TF could they not be? They drafted Steph, Barnes, Klay, & Draymond. Not one of those picks were higher than #7 with Draymond being a 2nd rounder. Their biggest free agent splash was Andre Igoudala & Shaun Livingston. The Cavs however drafted #1 overall 3 times in 4 yours & 4 times in 11 years. For as horrible as GS was, they haven't drafted first overall in decades. Cavs used two #1 picks to get Kevin Love, signed LeBron & brought in vets like Mike Miller, James Jones, & Shawn Marion. All three had already won championships. Then they traded for Smith, Shumpert, & Mozgov. Then they turned around & made trades for Jefferson & Frye. Half of their championship team was traded for. Then they traded for more vets again in 2017. Both of these vets were former All Stars. GS hasn't made a single major trade since they started winning. Their core 5 has been Steph, Klay,Dray,Iggy, & Shaun since the 2015 season. The Cavs won the title only two years ago & only four players remained. GS has shown the correct way to build a winner. Other teams should actually be about winning as opposed to just making a profit.

  • Zero's Stuff
    Zero's Stuff  a years ago

    It is organic or more accurately luck... if curry didn’t have bad ankles they wouldn’t have room for others... if the warriors won the finals then KD would’ve stayed in OKC... than maybe Cousins wouldn’t have joined the warriors or they might’ve lost to Houston

  • Voxel Pro
    Voxel Pro  a years ago

    Nick Wright? More like Nick Wrong heh heh.

  • Gary Cantu
    Gary Cantu  a years ago

    Nick Wright does not know what he is talking about. How can he call The Warriors not Organic when Curry and Green came out of the draft? Seems to me he is upset about what the Warriors have done to his beloved Lebron. Also, if he is gonna call out the Warriors he needs to call out his boy Lebron for doing the same thing for going to Miami, back to Cleveland and now to the Lakers.

  • Pride P.I
    Pride P.I  a years ago

    you’re wrong.
    Acknowledgement is a word you need to learn.