Best of Funhaus : Month of June 2018

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 30, 2018
  • I should probably start working on the Best of 2018 video soon.


  • Paul Orr
    Paul Orr  a years ago +144

    Watching this while wearing my very nice CaptainPajamaPants "Pajamas are Forever" shirt. So comfy.

  • Deftige Mahlzeit
    Deftige Mahlzeit  2 days ago

    5:36 i had to laugh like that bearded guy on the left, that was clever^^

  • Avtomat Kalashnikova

    Did I really just see babymetals karate on a funhaus video?

  • Daren Baren ?!
    Daren Baren ?!  1 months ago

    B for Bruce
    B for BOSS

  • Levi Dieter
    Levi Dieter  4 months ago

    51:41 is the reason Bruce left funhaus unfortunately. Thanks jamz

    ASD ASD  4 months ago

    ldawg had bangin hair, should get that fade back

  • FabiiNox
    FabiiNox  5 months ago +1

    15:08 what video was that?

  • Behymer's Bar
    Behymer's Bar  6 months ago +2

    We need more L-Dawg and Wheezy.

  • The Wicked Woods
    The Wicked Woods  7 months ago +3

    I forgot how hard I laughed at Adam saying "big boy" when I first watched it. Holy shit. Thanks for the sore ribs.

  • Lil Mami.
    Lil Mami.  7 months ago

    Elyse is one of the funniest members of FH

  • kishan patel
    kishan patel  7 months ago

    5:50 is some of the funniest shit

  • Saylos Relyks
    Saylos Relyks  7 months ago

    How do they know who Babymetal is, Lawrence must have edited it lol.

  • Dan John Parker
    Dan John Parker  7 months ago

    I love Bruce so much lol

  • Patrick Somers
    Patrick Somers  7 months ago

    Anybody know what the song in the background was for that Cocopa murder bit at 24:17?

  • A_Mac_Andy
    A_Mac_Andy  9 months ago

    What video game is this at 54:18 ?

  • ReddEkko
    ReddEkko  11 months ago

    18:10 For now on anytime I reference something being anime, I will use Monty's vision for the rest of my life.

  • LiteralFraud
    LiteralFraud  a years ago

    32:54 gets me every time

  • Joseph L.
    Joseph L.  a years ago

    My favorite moment in a long time is Bruce as Jesus and laurance as satan

  • boreduderino 2
    boreduderino 2  a years ago

    Not gonna lie. Elise is the worst thing to happen to Funhaus since Metroid Optimua Prime.

  • Owen Butternubbs
    Owen Butternubbs  a years ago +1

    what game