Best of Funhaus : Month of June 2018

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 30, 2018
  • I should probably start working on the Best of 2018 video soon.


  • Paul Orr
    Paul Orr  a years ago +131

    Watching this while wearing my very nice CaptainPajamaPants "Pajamas are Forever" shirt. So comfy.

  • Captain N
    Captain N  a years ago +171

    James and elyse singing that song from the goofy movie at the same time made me believe in true love again.

  • Dave S
    Dave S  a years ago +216

    Finally after a year of waiting I get June 2017 video

  • Jimmy K
    Jimmy K  a years ago +61

    Your work is always appreciated. Thank you.

  • Blutige Tränen
    Blutige Tränen  a years ago +38

    The "Two Firm Pumps" song is catchy.

  • Kiefer I
    Kiefer I  a years ago +32

    I'm still upset by Lawrence's orange face.

  • four two zero
    four two zero  a years ago +22

    lol that capital b booty part gets me every time

  • Danny Dorito
    Danny Dorito  a years ago +13

    "Do we still teach girls sign language?"
    Goodbye June.

  • Zac Esso
    Zac Esso  a years ago +12

    June 2017 in the intro ahhahahha

  • Gunner Braun
    Gunner Braun  a years ago +16

    14:55 I love Adams face

  • Karl Papp
    Karl Papp  a years ago +2

    Great job KeiserNightingGown, your work is much appreciated - and for months like this where the content is extra juicy:
    It's better than having a father.

  • Lil Mami.
    Lil Mami.  2 months ago

    Elyse is one of the funniest members of FH

  • Khaleb Denham
    Khaleb Denham  a years ago

    Very obvious you put a lot of love and effort into these videos brother.
    Love you too man.

  • Phil Conti
    Phil Conti  a years ago +3


  • Mark S
    Mark S  a years ago +2

    @25:18 not sure why but James' reaction makes me laugh so hard. I have to replay it over and over.

  • Spencer Johnson
    Spencer Johnson  a years ago +4

    Where's the dope intro music? Always appreciate what good ol daddy CPJP has for music

  • Behymer's Bar
    Behymer's Bar  1 months ago

    We need more L-Dawg and Wheezy.

  • The Wicked Woods
    The Wicked Woods  2 months ago

    I forgot how hard I laughed at Adam saying "big boy" when I first watched it. Holy shit. Thanks for the sore ribs.

  • Saylos Relyks
    Saylos Relyks  2 months ago

    How do they know who Babymetal is, Lawrence must have edited it lol.

  • The Fat Turtle
    The Fat Turtle  a years ago

    I didn't notice the "Holy Buble" when I first watched that Jesus RPG gameplay. That got an honest chuckle out of me.