Everything Wrong With a Cheap Craigslist Tesla

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 5, 2018
  • My buddy and I are going to checkout the cheapest Tesla on Craigslist, it’s cheap. I mean dirt cheap. So what’s wrong with it? Is it worth buying? It’s a 2012 S85.

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  • Abdullah Al Mahmod
    Abdullah Al Mahmod  a years ago +1933

    Thank you Rich for mentioning my problem .
    I think it will help people before buying Tesla . make sure if there is a service center in your country

  • Clarence Mitchell

    Rich I can tell you have fun with your work. You inspire me to keep my 02 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and work on it. Thank you for your courage and sense of humor.

  • Roger K
    Roger K  3 days ago

    Brave for even taking it for a drive, very risky!

  • 333jas
    333jas  7 days ago

    Teslas cost way too much to repair when you think of the actual value of a few parts and a little sheet metal.

  • Michael James
    Michael James  14 days ago

    I would buy that car for 15k. I repair Tesla’s at a body shop for a living. I would have that sucker fixed ASAP.

  • R Smitdog
    R Smitdog  14 days ago

    Why would you expose this cars I d to Tesla ?

  • Jason Abbott
    Jason Abbott  28 days ago

    You need to raise that seat some so you can see over the steering wheel.

  • pkasb90
    pkasb90  a months ago

    Always have extra 17k in the bank.

  • 450 Chris
    450 Chris  a months ago

    Do what does Tesla say to u ?? Do u work for them ??

  • Gearoid Bellew
    Gearoid Bellew  a months ago +1

    How is it that you possibly consider it amazing that a sheared suspension arm would affect handling?

    Driving that car on a public road was wreckless endangerment.

  • deyan latif
    deyan latif  a months ago

    I had enough of your videos, holy shit your always complaining about Tesla’s but you don’t realize you get what you pay for, and what your paying for is fucked up, flooded cars, heavy accidental, the worst and cheapest Tesla’s ever and then you complain, like can you please make other videos about other cars or things you dumbass

  • HereIgoAgain
    HereIgoAgain  a months ago +2

    Super Rich! Loosens lug nuts by hand and works in flip flops! He must be a cyborg sent from the future to save us from being enslaved by Tesla. No other explanation is feasible!

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon  a months ago

    Tela is going to order a hit on you, dear sir....Rich knows too much.....The wheel almost falls off literally.....

  • ray west
    ray west  2 months ago

    My Nephew is certified to do repair + paint Tesla's He works at a Volkswagen dealership

  • 1120sound
    1120sound  2 months ago

    Where you located rich ? I might be making way to you.

  • Alex M
    Alex M  2 months ago

    Did you buy the car or not ??????

  • Leroy
    Leroy  2 months ago

    Why is this in rchams playlist

  • Ronnie Deciantis
    Ronnie Deciantis  2 months ago

    How in the hell will a regular guy every be able to afford a electric car when the plan is to go all electric, I know the more sold the cheaper it will be come but it will never be cheap

  • Chmpnlfts
    Chmpnlfts  2 months ago

    Amazing video, you have a ton of knowledge man!

  • Nuno Bernardo
    Nuno Bernardo  2 months ago

    Such a nice guy. I wouldnt feel good about only paying 19k