Copart Walk Around + Carnage 5-23-19

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 23, 2019
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  • HalfAnUrbex  26 days ago


  • Lovelock Matt  11 days ago

    Buy it and sell it to a Mexican

  • yamahonkawazuki  26 days ago


  • Nick Fiore  26 days ago

    Randy buy the 500k mike truck! Would be interesting to see what is wrong with it after so many miles! And probably will go cheap

  • Curtis Fleabag  26 days ago

    500,000 on the odometer,probably had an engine replacement and or rebuild at some point..Like Honda's and Toyota's they say 200,000 etc but heads done top end ,bottom end or whole rebuilds..Odometers mean nothing..Truck is in good shape,the previous owner was more like myself..I have high mileage cars and they look like new..My 310,000 Dodge Challenger RT looked like many cars with 30,000 miles ! Except mine was detailed in/out since new..I touched up the rock chips(I restore cars and also own a car...

  • How to Android  26 days ago


  • m wolf  26 days ago

    Fix the red Chevy truck!

  • Bobby Bruce  26 days ago

    Fix the red Chevy. Deserves to keep going past 500k

  • 1234cnl  25 days ago

    I,d take that chevy easy fix on the headgasket

  • Brad Stanley  26 days ago

    body is in excellent shape!

  • DIAMLER  26 days ago

    That red Silverado deserves a save

  • Curtis Jarvis  26 days ago

    Can't believe you actually sat inside that Mazda 6, that was real nasty😃🤣😂

  • Atra Hasis  26 days ago

    "I don't want to die at Copart" --Randy Shear, May 2019. He will be missed.

  • Batman  11 days ago

    Atra Hasis Thanks for info. It’s very sad.

  • Atra Hasis  15 days ago

    @Batman He was knocked unconscious by a taxidermied paw which had been transformed into a missile by winds in excess of 100MPH before being carried off by a tornado. Very sad.

  • Wasabito Burrion  26 days ago

    That Red 2002 Silverado is a good gamble, if you can buy it cheap enough. With rebuilt heads, it will sell regardless on what’s on the odometer

  • hrep14  25 days ago

    I'd just do an engine swap. The body looks in really good nick.

  • Nate S.  26 days ago

    I never comment on these but you HAVE TO buy the Red Chevy!!!!

  • Daniel Hartin  26 days ago

    Depending on price, I think the red pickup would be a good flip, even if the engine needs replacing. Body looks solid and rust free, and as you know, trucks keep their value.

  • STEVE JENKS  26 days ago

    I buy that truck in a minute put in a $400 used engine can drive it for another couple hundred thousand