Copart Walk Around + Carnage 5-23-19

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 23, 2019
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  • Karim El Harti
    Karim El Harti  7 days ago

    this car has a twin turbo

  • Aziz Allali
    Aziz Allali  14 days ago

    i like the makan s.

  • Vincent's helpful hints

    There is no way that truck has close to 500,000 miles.. look at the inside not worn much at all.. maybe 148,000 i bet there is something wrong with the odometer

  • Jason griffo
    Jason griffo  2 months ago

    You do realise, after you run the motor the dipstick will show fuller then what it is

    Wait a few min b4 u check and wipe the pipstick first. how do u not know that

  • Dewo Suwongso
    Dewo Suwongso  2 months ago

    is Macan = machan read is, is like Tiger is mean I think in my language...

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez  2 months ago

    Them porch smell!;;))

  • Jordan Hilty
    Jordan Hilty  3 months ago

    Idk if anyone noticed the no smoking sticker on the Porsche dash but that means it “was” a rental car

  • Brad Peters
    Brad Peters  3 months ago

    Buy the truck, you know you want to

  • martinjose3068
    martinjose3068  3 months ago

    You right about the Chevrolet truck chevy are pis a crap trucks

    MINTY★HARDCORE  3 months ago

    "That is DISGUSTING" sits in it anyway 😂

  • wyatt car reviews
    wyatt car reviews  3 months ago

    Fix the half million mile truck it could be a truck that makes it to a million

  • niteninja 01
    niteninja 01  3 months ago

    The Nissan's dip sticks go through the head so you gotta wait a bit to check it

  • niteninja 01
    niteninja 01  3 months ago

    Buy that freaking Mazda really really nice. Wish i could buy it. Buy that silverado and put a motor in it. Totally worth it

  • SilverTabby
    SilverTabby  3 months ago

    You should get that Mazda.

  • brian versansky
    brian versansky  3 months ago

    The S on that Porsche Macon or Cheyenne stands for...... wait for it....... Sport

  • Backyard Garage
    Backyard Garage  3 months ago

    My first car was a 1996 Pontiac Grand AM GT 5 speed and had 343k miles.

  • David Los Angeles
    David Los Angeles  3 months ago

    Hey UberMan, you should introduce "quickie cars" while at the auction. Like spending a minute on that pink Smart Car. Not cars you'd buy, but show us unique stuff at the auction... I see you pass up interesting stuff all the time.

  • Rillix's Garage
    Rillix's Garage  3 months ago

    Get that Chevy it will stand true that the vortec is the best motor lol

  • Aaliyah Rose
    Aaliyah Rose  3 months ago

    LoL LOVE The Christine Reference 😂😉 My FAVORITE Movie 😂 Great Video Buddy 👌❤

  • Robert Rowlin
    Robert Rowlin  3 months ago

    Yeah that’s called a hillbilly hood latch!! Ha ha ha