[MV] CLC _ No

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 30, 2019
  • [MV] CLC _ No

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    A girl group CLC, who received much love for its 7th mini-release album [BLACK DRESS] in February last year, is planning another transformation with its 8th mini-album [No.1], which has matured more than a year ago.
    The title song "No" is a dance song with a unique texture of synth bass and dynamic bass line. Rather than denying their previous image such as pure, sexy and cute, the lyrics express pride and confidence that ‘I can't express myself in one color.’

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  • KPOP its me!  (Jan 30, 2019))

    *CLC FLOP? NO!!*

  • Coral Mclane  (16 hours ago))

    itz ur opinion

  • I love CLC but they're so flop. It makes me so sad

  • *They deserve more than 5 wins...2 wins is not enough..better to vote hardly next time!!!*

  • Yuji C  (1 day ago))

    They should win on all their songs!

  • Yes please support them next comeback!

  • Is this trash? NoAre they untalented? NoIs it a good song?Twice comes in: YES OR YES!

  • Cheshire Eunbin  (Mar 20, 2019))

    Visual? YesVocal? Yes Dancer? YesRapper? YesStan CLC? YES.

  • nadia2883  (5 days ago))

    red lip no handbag no high heels no earrings no :P

  • LOONA STANNER 27  (Apr 14, 2019))

    best song of 2019. I don’t don’t make rules 🗿

  • 2jin  (4 hours ago))

    +andrea agraces en chino?? Edúcate por favor

  • andrea agraces  (6 hours ago))

    Yo no sé ablandar en chino o inglés

  • Josh Mateo  (Jan 30, 2019))

    Nah, cube definitely did right with not giving them la vie en rose. This song, TRUTHFULLY, might be the bop of the year. It’s only January, CLC DID THAT!!

  • heyitz_ Pia  (Apr 18, 2019))

    La vie en rose was originally made for Izone.. CLC was just a demo for Izone according to the Choreographer

  • Hamburger Helper  (Mar 6, 2019))

    Hey, that's business for ya! At least it worked out in the end. IZ*ONE got a debut song that fit their concept and got them plenty of fans, and CLC finally got their first win with a powerful song that is sure to increase their fanbase as well! ❤ Please remember that IZ*ONE is in exactly the same boat as CLC. In kpop, the groups are subjected to their companies whims most of the time, regardless of what they feel. If anyone is still upset, please take it out on companies and not girls just trying to ma...

  • Acelya Can  (Apr 6, 2019))

    For all the people who say that they're wear make up and stuff. The message here should be that a woman can wear make up and high heels if she want to but not when the society expecting them to do. Every woman has the right to decide how she feels happy and comfortable. With or without this whole stuff.

  • STREAM THIS TEMPEST  (Apr 15, 2019))

    Idk why but it so unfair like for example someone from the bigger groups do this song and concept they will get even bigger but atleast CLC got 2 winsCheshires and CLC really worked hard to earn those wins

  • Nami Nami  (Apr 18, 2019))

    That what is kill me 😬😬

  • Crisch  (Apr 9, 2019))

    seriously as a LOONA and Twice Stan I have to admit that CLC is musically the best KPop group since years. They deserve so much more attention

  • red panda  (3 days ago))

    +Crisch I agree

  • Crisch  (3 days ago))

    +Dino just for emphazising.

  • Random Viewer  (Apr 10, 2019))

    I *still* get goosebumps when I hear Seungyeon saying 'Red lip NO' at 2:42

  • Candyzz  (Apr 16, 2019))

    Her look at 2:03 slayed me

  • OFF THE RECORD FTW  (Apr 13, 2019))

    Her thighs give me life