[MV] CLC _ No

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 30, 2019
  • [MV] CLC _ No*English subtitles are now available. :D(Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function)[Notice] 1theK YouTube is also an official channel for the MV, and music shows will count the views from this channel too.[공지] 1theK YouTube는 MV를 유통하는 공식 채널로, 1theK에 업로드된 MV 조회수 또한 음악방송 순위에 반영됩니다.A girl group CLC, who received much love for its 7th mini-release album [BLACK DRESS] in February last year, is planning another transformation with its 8th mini-album [No.1], which has matured more than a year ago.The title song "No" is a dance song with a unique texture of synth bass and dynamic bass line. Rather than denying their previous image such as pure, sexy and cute, the lyrics express pride and confidence that ‘I can't express myself in one color.’:: iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/album/no-1-e...#CLC#씨엘씨#No#NEWRELEASE#MV#1theK#원더케이▶1theK FB : http://www.facebook.com/1theK▶1theK TW : https://twitter.com/1theK▶1theK Kakao : https://goo.gl/otRpZc


  • 슬비김
    슬비김  4 months ago +8598

    Twice: YES OR YES?
    CLC: NO

  • Deeksha B
    Deeksha B  1 months ago +834

    im really confused as to why CLC is not popular!!! i mean i love g idle but clc is pretty damn fine and each member has attitude

  • iiKyanite
    iiKyanite  2 months ago +4315

    Me: Is this a bad comeback?
    CLC: No

  • 秘密
    秘密  2 months ago +1995

    Who's here after ME(美)?💎

  • Annyeong Angelo
    Annyeong Angelo  7 days ago +188

    This song makes me want to grab my fake gucci and pretend to be like a supermodel in a catwalk.


    "Sexy? No. Aegyo? No." Korean MCs caught dead in a ditch

  • kang yeosang
    kang yeosang  7 days ago +134

    bad vocals? NO
    bad rap? NO
    bad dance? NO
    bad visuals? NO
    bad mvs? NO
    bad group? NO
    underrated? YES. Y’ALL AIRHEADS STAN CLC

  • Leo Rolfert
    Leo Rolfert  2 months ago +441

    I'm loving that 'NO' and 'ME' are about being yourself and self love.

  • Keyc Mayordo
    Keyc Mayordo  2 months ago +147

    I don't know why some ppl can't appreciate this badass song, it's really really good

  • Hay Del
    Hay Del  21 days ago +90

    Did you like the comeback?

  • Acelya Can
    Acelya Can  4 months ago +4885

    For all the people who say that they're wear make up and stuff. The message here should be that a woman can wear make up and high heels if she want to but not when the society expecting them to do. Every woman has the right to decide how she feels happy and comfortable. With or without this whole stuff.

  • Soso Jg
    Soso Jg  2 months ago +713

    Clc have a new song in May 29 plz vote for them

  • Yoona Chan
    Yoona Chan  2 months ago +2428

    CLC: NO
    Edit:Ok Thank You to All of these likes TT ~ TT ... Huhuhu Thank you again

  • Soso Jg
    Soso Jg  2 months ago +249

    Can you guy tell your k pop friend about clc plz

  • Insa Evelt
    Insa Evelt  2 months ago +216

    I absolutely adore this song!!! Seunghee is on point :33

  • Probably Unknown
    Probably Unknown  6 months ago +1111

    women acknowledging that they're more than sexy or cute? i'm here for it

  • CLC FKED ME UP!!!!! where's my wig?

    keep str**ming
    keep commenting
    keep saying NO (to bad stuff heheh)
    lets go to 16 million

  • Lez Be Happy
    Lez Be Happy  2 months ago +97

    One of the things I like about CLC's mild popularity is, they don't get shipped by those delusional het shippers with random K-Pop guys. Also, they are acknowledged for their talent, instead of their looks. More power to CLC! Excited for the ME comeback. 💕


    CLC's next comeback in september, are you ready CHESHIREs???

  • Nawaphicippon banana
    Nawaphicippon banana  2 months ago +68

    ITZY: Want it?
    TWICE: yes or yes?
    CLC: No