Jake Gyllenhaal Answers Ellen's 'Burning Questions'

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 14, 2019
  • Ellen put Jake Gyllenhaal in the hot seat to answer some of her "Burning Questions." Find out who he thinks the sexiest Avenger is, and hear his very specific impression of Harrison Ford.#JakeGyllenhaal#TheEllenShow#BurningQuestions


  • Damien Garbutt  1 months ago

    Get this man on thirsty tweets. We got a lot to say.

  • chloesthetic  2 days ago


  • Ester Meireles  2 days ago


  • Jayden Marvel  1 months ago

    Ellen: Who is the sexiest Avenger?Jake: Spider-ManAudience: ...Jake: Thor?Audience: woooooo!!!!!

  • Tomhollandiscute  13 hours ago

    Jayden Marvel Spider-Man is DEFINITELY the finest

  • V__ Nikolaou  21 hours ago

    @Idon’t Wannago isn't Thor Chris Hemsworth?

  • Nicole  1 months ago

    “Can I set up the scene?” is the most Jake Gyllenhaal thing to say and I love him so much

  • Co Duss  18 days ago

    omg sooo truuue

  • Kiss Tube🎥  1 months ago


  • PaleoSketch  1 months ago

    Jake Glylenhaal: *exists *audience:WOOOOAOAOAOAOOAOAPAPooaoaoaoaoahhhhhHHH

  • Idk  9 days ago

    PaleoSketch same

  • AyAReI00  12 days ago

    Execpt when he said "Spider man " lol

  • Catherine  1 months ago

    another title could be ‘Jake Gyllenhaal being confused for 3 minutes and 46 seconds’

  • Harriet HB  5 days ago


  • Taha 7  8 days ago

    3 min and 56 secs dude, how could u miss that?😂🤣😂🤣😒😒😒

  • Horror Gaming Fan  1 months ago

    The audience is thirsty af

  • 先輩  3 days ago


  • Just Chilin  9 days ago

    I mean I’m thirsty af too

  • amakky1989  1 months ago

    Keanu Reeves and Jake Gyllenhaal should be cast together in a movie. Two of the nicest people in Hollywood in our generation

  • leen james  5 days ago


  • Manasi Snehal  1 months ago

    Ellen : What's a ridiculous thing you are afraid of? Jake Gyllenhaal : _Ah... This show..._ Hahaha.. Ring a ding ding ding ding.. UNFOLLOW!! I mean.. He is such a teaser!

  • Steven Oudie  11 days ago

    Hahha that was hilarious

  • "what do you wear to bed?""nothing"audience: *WOOOOHOOSJSOJOSJSJ*

  • Mao Tam  5 days ago

    And im sure they were imagining “it” in their mind 🤔🤔

  • “Chanel n5”

  • Maltige Key  17 days ago

    “Whose the sexiest avenger?”“Spider-Man.”*FBI OPEN UP*

  • Alyssa Smith  3 days ago

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we got him

  • Keana Malolot  5 days ago

    Him and tom are in love let’s be real