Wolves v. Newcastle | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 2/11/19 | NBC Sports

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 11, 2019


  • Danny jc
    Danny jc  6 months ago +13

    Who came just to see almiron?

  • Nuno G
    Nuno G  6 months ago +62

    ya sure, no one will notice how yall messed up the upload ;)

  • A Hernandez
    A Hernandez  6 months ago +25

    Boly just keeps finnessing points. Robbed city as well with a handball goal

  • Tupdike
    Tupdike  6 months ago +31

    Boly has his arms wrapped around Debravka's neck, but sure, it wasn't a foul. Shocking commentary.

  • BuckyMack
    BuckyMack  6 months ago +37

    Almiron plays only 20 minutes and its clear he's our best player by far. Upset sky tried to pin the final goal on Dubravka after the game. Its clear to anyone whose watched him play this season that he truly is world class.

  • Deepak Siddharth
    Deepak Siddharth  6 months ago +32

    Hey Rebecca Lowe I missed you in the first highlights video 😉

  • AV Gaming
    AV Gaming  6 months ago +5

    Guys, please stop stating the obvious by saying that Boly manhandled Dubravka and be constructive enough to realize this is another point in VAR’s favor

  • Dip Thongthathongthongthong

    "No doubt it's not a foul" hahaha 9:35 and 9:41 Wolves player has both hands on the GK's neck/shoulder area before the ball is even in the screen!

  • Ryan Walsh
    Ryan Walsh  6 months ago +5

    Idk man...Boly looked like he had his arms around the keepers head, the more I see it, think it’s a foul!

  • Gus Eckstein
    Gus Eckstein  6 months ago +27

    Did the striker grab gk shoulders or was it just me

  • CJ Suburban
    CJ Suburban  6 months ago +3

    Nice to see Miguel Almiron do well

  • Jason Gr
    Jason Gr  6 months ago +40

    how was that not a foul at the end?

  • photoshopknight
    photoshopknight  6 months ago +30

    Boly hands all over Dubravka. 2 points robbed. thanks ref.

  • El Oaxaco azul venus

    RAUL GIMENEZ 👍😮 Fu king. Good player!

  • 1Lost Muffin
    1Lost Muffin  6 months ago

    Dubravka was fouled It should have been a 1-0 win for Newcastle

  • AV Gaming
    AV Gaming  6 months ago

    I gotta say, i was very impressed by Dendonker today.

  • Kavi
    Kavi  6 months ago +1

    Miggggyyyyyyyy 🔥🔥

  • Mike Szymanski
    Mike Szymanski  6 months ago

    Newcastle was clearly robbed 2 points. Even more leverage to use the VAR system next season

  • thumpa1205
    thumpa1205  6 months ago +1

    Regardless if the dude grabbed Gk neck or not..he should've been able to catch it. Clear butterfingers

  • conni70
    conni70  6 months ago +9

    it should have been 0-0...both goal keepers gave away goals..