2018 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 Test Drive Shakedown

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 26, 2018
  • Shakedown test of Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 2018 Model at Fuji Speedway, driven by Michael Krumm and Masataka Yanagida.Get More Great Car Videos - Subscribe: https://goo.gl/BSIaFc


  • D Sol
    D Sol  a years ago +88

    I'm so glad there was no techno music playing.

  • Free Dom
    Free Dom  a years ago +55

    GTR is the Killer

  • Hiep Duong
    Hiep Duong  a years ago +44

    who DISLIKES this video and the car? 113 people got no BRAINS

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis  a years ago +5

    Nissan, and Porsche engineers are incredible.....

  • ray don
    ray don  a years ago +57

    GT3 is a full blown factory race car - make no bones about it! awesome as hell!!!!! xoxo

  • brayen nahak nahak
    brayen nahak nahak  a years ago +12

    GT-R the best

  • Mohamed Rimaz
    Mohamed Rimaz  a years ago +3

    Man cockpit view was awesome.. those up shifts and down shifts. And the turbo sound. That's awesome.

  • Marco Mudarra
    Marco Mudarra  a years ago +49

    i love Godzilla.... GTR

  • Tengku Zackry
    Tengku Zackry  11 months ago +1

    if this beast was explored by 1320 VIDEO it would be greater!

  • Raizen 3rd
    Raizen 3rd  a years ago +8

    GTR35 2018 drive from joystick. Sad

  • Mario Archibold
    Mario Archibold  a years ago +9

    Belleza de carro! 😍😍

  • R G
    R G  6 months ago

    8 secs and done. Fkn voice! 🤦‍♂️

  • Kardun Solihin
    Kardun Solihin  a years ago +5

    i also have nissan gtr but only metal diecast.hehehe..

  • SlCKB0Y
    SlCKB0Y  10 months ago +3

    godzilla ... on steroids :P

  • Darris Martin
    Darris Martin  14 days ago

    4:38 this guy looks very enthusiast and happy

  • Bruce Kirk
    Bruce Kirk  11 months ago +3

    I seen a sick GTR of some type on the freeway going to Dallas last week.tried racing him on my Gs1000 but he wouldn't lol

  • GT Nismo
    GT Nismo  11 months ago +2

    Why am i so fascinated by the nissan gtr? Its like a moving car wreck. I cant turn away.

  • Note global Redmi
    Note global Redmi  1 months ago +2

    G-TR the best👍💯

  • スッタ。。
    スッタ。。  a years ago +1

    ガヒュン ガヒュンいってんね

  • Anthony T
    Anthony T  7 months ago

    Love at first sight!!😆😆