iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Galaxy Note 10+ Camera Comparison

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 21, 2019
  • Time for the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max vs the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus camera comparison we've all been waiting for. The biggest titans in the smartphone world go at it here and you've got to let me know who your winner is in the comments!

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    PFTPR  12 hours ago

    I used to carry A bag full of lenses now I only carry both smartphones!

  • Techonupnow
    Techonupnow  19 hours ago

    I love them both but the iPhone had more wins.

  • fan1.0
    fan1.0  yesterday

    On that Samsung you can go into the camera settings and do some pretty good adjustments.

  • busisiweg
    busisiweg  yesterday

    Thanks for an unbiased comparison

  • kevin jones
    kevin jones  yesterday

    expensive lifestyle

  • Radoslaw Kaczmarek

    So assuming that phones are mostly for amateurs it seems that Note10 has better camera 😛😄😉

  • cgtalk !
    cgtalk !  yesterday

    I have a sony.. so no bias here. From my viewpoint.... note wins.

  • Xolani Simelane

    no one cares about true to life or more natural pictures

  • Sreejith Prakash13s

    This is awesome and honest video made by an apple fan 👌👍👍👍
    Nice video

  • navster87
    navster87  yesterday

    He says professionals should use iPhone. Did everyone forget that Samsung has pro mode for their cameras where you can customise every aspect of the shot?

  • Denny D Speed
    Denny D Speed  yesterday

    It’s about time Apple made a phone with a camera comparable to Samsung. It only took 10 years to do so.

  • Samuel Novitzky
    Samuel Novitzky  2 days ago

    I think iphone is making more filmic photos I like it more than note

  • Vlog with Andy
    Vlog with Andy  2 days ago

    There is a difference between true detail and excessive sharpening

  • smart digger
    smart digger  2 days ago

    UPDATE WITH 65 inch OLED.

    1. The oversharpening affect that this reviewers talk about. does not exist on big screens (STOP USING A TINY MAC SCREEN TO COMPARE)
    2. Mac are known to have vague colour gamut. (Buy a proper computer and calibrate your TV and graphics card)


  • Selalu UPDATE
    Selalu UPDATE  2 days ago

    note 10 is better with a cheaper price, this is very recommended,

  • SlighceTUNES
    SlighceTUNES  3 days ago

    There’s a point where camera comparison will be obsolete. Both cameras killing it. Can’t beat natural photos though.

  • terence w
    terence w  3 days ago

    both samsung and apple should watch this video!!

  • LuminolBlue
    LuminolBlue  3 days ago

    I think both cameras have done a good job in their own way, and I also think some of the issues on the Note 10+ can be fixed with the software update, I don't think this is necessarily a camera lens issue; it's more to do with the way the software processes the images on the Note 10+ and iPhone 11 Pro Max, respectively. A head-to-head comparison between these two phones and the Pixel 4 XL would be very interesting.

  • Robson Sobral
    Robson Sobral  3 days ago

    Amazing video comparison bro! Greetings from Brazil! 👍

  • Cordell Reed JR
    Cordell Reed JR  4 days ago

    Lol edge detection