Got Big Bro His Dream Car! (EXPENSIVE)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 22, 2018
  • Officially bought every family member a NEW CAR! Life Goal Complete 🙌🏼GET YOUR WASSABI MERCH NOW!http://www.AlexWassabi.comWassabi's MUST WATCH videos!: every Wassabi CHALLENGE video!: Wassabi episode EVERY DAY!JOIN THE JOURNEY!Twitter: Channel: @RealAlexWassabiDon't forget to remember!If you're not smiling,YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!! :)mKay bYe!Intro music by


  • Nana Montes
    Nana Montes  9 months ago +462

    0:30 - Me getting my hopes up for Lauren (creepy grinning) GUESS NOT!!!!

  • Princess
    Princess  8 months ago +34

    “Jo” for Veronica JO Merrell💜

  • melionette _majesty
    melionette _majesty  9 months ago +54

    Idk why I didn’t realize earlier that Mr Kate and Tess are sisters xD They sound so alike, and they look super similar. They’re also both short😂😂

  • Lauren G
    Lauren G  9 months ago +17

    Alex: "What do they call these things? It's like a roof that you can like see the sun through."
    Me: Hmm.... a sunroof lol

  • Kylie K
    Kylie K  8 months ago +13

    You should do a real collab with aaron and the merrell twins

  • Andres Rodriguez
    Andres Rodriguez  9 months ago +267

    * hopes it was Lauren when he says someone special *

  • Kylie K
    Kylie K  9 months ago +29

    You should also do more videos with baby ANDREW!!!!!

  • Allyson Torres
    Allyson Torres  9 months ago +23

    Hey don’t hammer your brothers car but if you get him a new one that’s nice just hammer away 😁👌

  • Kylie K
    Kylie K  9 months ago +23

    You should get a dog!!!!!! Aaron=Guppy
    Alex=?????(maybe in 2019??)

  • Julia McGrath
    Julia McGrath  9 months ago +49

    Ugh Aaron is too attractive 😨

  • Em ma
    Em ma  9 months ago +107

    “My car’s name is Jo”
    Everyone: “Veronica’s middle name is Jo!!”
    Me: “It’S oBvIoUsLy JoJo SiWa 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️” 😂😂

  • Shaliya's Life 2.0
    Shaliya's Life 2.0  8 months ago +3

    Hmmmmm Jo?? Like Veronica JO Merrell...okay i got you dude, i got ya.

  • Kalsum Khan
    Kalsum Khan  9 months ago +10

    Alex your soooooo kind and loving and caring and thought full love you

  • Olivia Fusco
    Olivia Fusco  8 months ago +1

    You got pogi from my best friends farm I saw the video and she was in the backround so u got pogi in Harrisburg or concord

  • Electric Squad
    Electric Squad  9 months ago +9

    Family always comes first

  • Iqra Akhtar
    Iqra Akhtar  9 months ago +68

    The comments section
    ‘ I thought Lauren was back ‘ 😭😭😭
    ‘Veronica’s middle name is Jo’

  • Kylie K
    Kylie K  8 months ago +7

    Alex you are a great human being you make everyones dreams come true

  • Kylie K
    Kylie K  8 months ago +4

    Alex your the only YouTube channel that ive ever commented on before and its not just because of the giveaway

  • Boohole bum bum
    Boohole bum bum  7 months ago +2

    Fun fact: JO is Vanessa & Veronica Merrell's middle name...*RONRON* SPELT EXACTLY THE SAME ASWELL

  • Allyson Torres
    Allyson Torres  9 months ago +7

    Alex you the best you tuber ever!!!! Dope 👌😀😃