5G: Explained!

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 19, 2019
  • 5G is getting a lot of hype right now... so I had to see for myself!
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  • Marques Brownlee
    Marques Brownlee  1 months ago +5187

    Had to see for myself is 5G is worth all the hype. What do you think?
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  • DankiDyDank
    DankiDyDank  an hour ago

    5 g is trash there so many things on its wave its trash theres tomuch interference with the atmospheric moisture all it does is lag. G4 works fine but now 5g is forced it take twice as long to download anything off 5g its garbage

  • Mr do everything
    Mr do everything  2 hours ago

    what are the shoes he is wearing at 3 .46 pls some one tell me

  • Devadattan faryan
    Devadattan faryan  2 hours ago

    Really shallow reporting.

  • Overcastfire679
    Overcastfire679  4 hours ago

    Someone count how many times he says 5 g

  • Umer The Clumsy Tube

    I thought you were prince ea

  • laurence peterson
    laurence peterson  13 hours ago

    Reminds me of WiMax. Sure, diff technology, but same instances going on with the scenarios.

  • Nehemiah Howard
    Nehemiah Howard  19 hours ago +1

    So basically, we dont have to worry about unloading a couple thous on a 5g phone cuz it aint ready

  • Jacob Edelman
    Jacob Edelman  20 hours ago

    God i love the beginning

  • John Henry Grzyb
    John Henry Grzyb  23 hours ago

    I know that 5G is the big thing we’re pushing for in our society today. I do wonder why we are not talking about Li-Fi. Have you done any research on it yourself? From the TEDTalks I’ve seen, and the website of pure LI-Fi and a couple others, it seems like this would be better than 5G.

  • Athiya Thanveer

    Isn't the selfie camera a little wide compared to the 4g phone

  • Eric Kim
    Eric Kim  yesterday

    It's videos like these that make me glad I subscribed a while ago. So educational and informative without sounding condescending to the viewers. I feel so enlightened about a topic I knew very little on. More educational content like this please!!!

  • Yi LIAN
    Yi LIAN  yesterday

    omg...5g phone is so expensive

  • Trent
    Trent  yesterday

    Do us (including you) a favor, and go get tested for cancer after 90 days. Please let us all know. This is not a joke, truly, we would all like to know: document how much time you spend near a tower, and on average the distance you are from that tower. Thank you for your excellent videos, and I hope we can see one like this in the future, and I REALLY hope your test results are negative..

  • Danrom Vidz
    Danrom Vidz  2 days ago +3

    Marques: Impressed by 2.1 Gbps 5G.

    Me: Impressed that my 4G connection in India did not buffer at 360p giving speed 0.21 mbps.

  • Sauga Direct
    Sauga Direct  2 days ago

    you say shame on at&t for lying?....shame on you for not shedding light on the REAL health and safety dangers of what this technology will bring...not only to humans but to wildlife we highly depend on ...such as bees. Someone like you with a large audience should be informing people of this because its not just about speed.
    How about the fact that these companies are rolling this out without ANY health and safety testing...we are literally the guinea pigs. Cancers, tumors, especially in children will increase exponentially over the years...theres a deep deep concern about this technology and no one is talking about it...oh wait why is that? Look up "Bill 704"
    So shame on you for being an influencer and not showing your audience what the real cost of this speed will be.
    and please forget the word conspiracy..this is not a conspiracy , im not a conspiracy theorist but an educated professional....and if you think it is one than dont just write a comment saying "its a conspiracy", go do your own research. This is our generations chance to stop something that will only show its true effects in years to come like smoking....lets do something now instead of waiting until its too late.
    our phones and internet are fast enough..we dont need this especially not at the cost it will bring.

  • mankind and destiny

    Remember no satellites are needed only earth towers are used proof that satellites are fake

    SCORP47GOW  2 days ago

    Interesting! 👍

  • theprince08853
    theprince08853  2 days ago

    wth happened to your inner elbow bro??

  • theprince08853
    theprince08853  2 days ago

    What is a data cap?