Food King Singapore: 3 Star Vegetarian Chicken Rice?!

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 6, 2019
  • We found out that eating vegetarian food in hawker centres isn't just about having beehoon with fake char siews!

    1. 33 Vegetarian Food
    409A Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, #01-33
    Singapore 561409

    2. Hup Seng Heng Vegetarian
    726 Clementi West Street 2, #01-195
    Singapore 120726

    3. Victor's Vegetarian Food
    79A Circuit Road
    Singapore 371097

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    Directed, shot and edited by Ryan & Sylvia



  • chelsea_ fandira
    chelsea_ fandira  3 days ago

    Wah that person in 5:20 is teacher at my school .

  • Shreya Upadhyaya
    Shreya Upadhyaya  3 days ago

    Vegan Curry Rice!!! It's so so good

  • willabelle teo
    willabelle teo  7 days ago

    Try out gomama! They have out of the world Vegan Rendang, laksa linguine and fried rice

  • Sahana Gnananandam

    Can yall do a full on indian food episode?

  • Huckle Ng
    Huckle Ng  7 days ago

    Mattermox actually means chatterbox

  • Ukiringo Freeze
    Ukiringo Freeze  7 days ago

    Should try herbivore at bugis and boneless kitchen

  • Ukiringo Freeze
    Ukiringo Freeze  7 days ago

    I liked the amk chicken rice and curry noodle but they not always open. You should had ate with their chili

  • ISuperBoyI GT
    ISuperBoyI GT  7 days ago


  • Daniel Cheng
    Daniel Cheng  7 days ago

    Jiak Hong Means Going On A Holiday Overseas In Hokkien🤣🤣🤣

  • Loh Jane
    Loh Jane  7 days ago

    some vegetarian places i love and would recommend:
    1. Teng Bespoke Vegetarian Dining
    2. Herbivore
    3. Real Food
    4. LingZhi
    5. Joie
    6. Original Sin
    7. Artichoke - Cauliflower rice
    8. Nalan
    9. Whole Earth
    10. Elemen
    11. Sufood
    12. Boneless Kitchen
    13. Mai Zhi Su - rly gr8 zichar but it's closed )":

  • Ä Ł Ò Ñ Ė
    Ä Ł Ò Ñ Ė  7 days ago

    No offence but Ryan saying Mee Rebus 2:49

  • Panda Toys
    Panda Toys  7 days ago

    it is possible the illegal otah is vegetarian otah? LOL

  • Melvin Wong
    Melvin Wong  7 days ago

    Can you do this challenge , vegetarian for 24h

  • Dylan Kong
    Dylan Kong  7 days ago

    Greendot restaurant is nice

  • krankschaft
    krankschaft  7 days ago

    Hi all, I am a vegetarian of 30 years. Here is my top 3 (not in order) vegetarian restaurants in Singapore. Better check them out!Herbivore (Japanese) - Fortune Centre
    Gokul (Indian) - Upper Dickson Rd
    Boneless Kitchen (Korean) - Irving Rd

  • genevieve Sophia
    genevieve Sophia  7 days ago

    I don’t think it even deserves half a star

  • genevieve Sophia
    genevieve Sophia  7 days ago

    The chicken rice does not deserve 3 stars

  • HE Chan
    HE Chan  7 days ago

    its a the singapore river the mueseum there

  • HE Chan
    HE Chan  7 days ago

    i know of a restaurant called prive and tey have a vegan menu with things like vegan beef or pork im not sure if there is beef

  • pigjedi
    pigjedi  7 days ago

    For some atas japanese vegetarian food. Go to fortune centre, Herbivore. mindblowing