Tour the States - Official Music Video

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 29, 2012
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    Music by Renald Francoeur, Drawing by Craighton Berman, Video by Don Markus, Produced by Scott Brown, Video Editor Brad Taylor.

    "Tour the States" is track #1 from Brain Beats - the mnemonic CD that features 14 brilliantly catchy songs to help you remember things you've always wanted to learn, but couldn't.

    Want the map in the video? It's here! Visit to get your copy today.

    © 2012 Marbles: Brain Workshop


  • Jonathan Kiannasr
    Jonathan Kiannasr  an hour ago

    5th grade sister told me to search it up telling me it’s the best song ever... Brings back memories

  • Milyvette  Crespo
    Milyvette Crespo  2 hours ago

    I saw in 3 rid grade ,and fith grade

  • Puppy Daisy
    Puppy Daisy  2 hours ago


  • carrieann gahiji
    carrieann gahiji  3 hours ago

    I love this song because I'm taking a test on the stats I LOVE THIS SONG

  • Solidpancake 226
    Solidpancake 226  6 hours ago

    This is good I could never do this

  • Breanna Shaw
    Breanna Shaw  9 hours ago

    5th grade We The People assignment :)

  • Cambria Hi 5
    Cambria Hi 5  12 hours ago

    I love this video

  • Myllah Louzada
    Myllah Louzada  12 hours ago

    Once I challenged my B2 students to dance or even sing it during an end of term presentations and, actually we started practising in every class until the day BUT they gave up, mysteriously 😨 I think they were afraid of so much names to remember.... Well, anyway I love this song and the guys' work, fantastic 😉

  • Eric Joseph
    Eric Joseph  18 hours ago

    And I got an A on the test

  • Eric Joseph
    Eric Joseph  18 hours ago

    Oh god I remember we watched this is 4th grade XD

  • Betsy Ledesma
    Betsy Ledesma  23 hours ago

    Every day since now my school will put it on and now I’m hooked on it😂

  • Epic Boi Semaj The Tree Hugger

    Too bad this channel is dead.😭

  • Balla Burnett
    Balla Burnett  yesterday


  • Ceezy kid
    Ceezy kid  yesterday

    I looked up "the states song" not thinking of this and then I remembered I listened to this in 6th grade and I was like DAMN

  • Dharsh Srinath
    Dharsh Srinath  yesterday

    Eyeless Sliders

  • Dharsh Srinath
    Dharsh Srinath  yesterday

    Trains Suck in America

  • Dogloverlikesdoge AJ

    My teacher played this so much so it is engraved in my mind forever. One of my friends listened to this in 2012 and they still remember it.

  • Jackie Bean
    Jackie Bean  yesterday

    If you do hornsdown at the end your stupid

  • Lakelynn Smith
    Lakelynn Smith  yesterday

    I literally listened to this today in school😄

  • Jude Spero
    Jude Spero  yesterday

    My teacher plays this every day please get this to the top so she can see it