Throwing a Dart at a Map and SAYING YES To Whatever it Lands on! (MUST SAY YES CHALLENGE)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
  • Today me and my sister throw a dart at a map and say yes to WHATEVER IT LANDS ON! This is a 24 hour only say yes challenge!Subscribe to Neela:════════INSTAGRAM: DerekGerardFACEBOOK:════════LAST VIDEO:════════MAIL ME STUFF:Derek GerardPO Box 36555 SEAFAIRRICHMOND, BC V7C 5M4Canada════════WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?! well. if you are reading this... comment down below saying:"Art is Art."- Ghandi 1945


  • Alawi  11 months ago

    Neela: "Your fans are so creepy"Hey we're not all pervs :(

  • If you mention it then u a perv

  • Elmer S Rivas  26 days ago

    Keep lying to yourself

  • Ur mum Gay  10 months ago

    i honestly like derek's nose ring it looks really good it fits in there

  • Lily Grace  25 days ago

    アジア人 it’s rlly not tho

  • アジア人  25 days ago

    Lily Grace it’s literally the same thing

  • Loud Lamb  11 months ago

    “ Art is Art”-Ghandi 1945

  • CLOSED  3 months ago

    Ayanna Omoregie you just broke my heart 💔 now

  • Ayanna Omoregie  3 months ago

    Xertro check the whole description

  • Nikesugar  11 months ago

    11:49 look at neela’s shirt, and then when they cut it they have different shirts on.. so they had to change duct taped to each other? 😂

  • No You  2 days ago

    Thats what i tought

  • Shazia Azam  3 months ago

    Boopy Doop they climbed over the middle

  • 24Isabella Cox  11 months ago

    Derek: You did me a favor?Meela: YeahDerek: You did me a favor? I PAID FOR IT!

  • ItzMagical  23 days ago

    @Aleshas World!!! here we go with the cheesy fan girl "only true fans would know" there right next to eachother on the keyboard.

  • Paul Sparks  24 days ago


  • nancy abel  7 months ago

    Derek talkingNeela throws something at DerekDerek: Oh my! I thought that was a dart!!!! LOL!!!

  • Marissa martens  50 minutes ago

    13:07 that's real sibling stuff all old siblings have picked up the younger sibling 🤣

  • I Found The Olives  7 months ago

    23:21 never heard a more diabolical laugh in my life, kinda sounds like Bill cypher from Gravity Falls😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Faizal Rasid  29 days ago


  • "Art is Art."- Ghandi 1945

  • LYRIC CO  11 months ago

    Where’s jaspal???

  • Baller Club  11 months ago

    He keeps getting migraines and is unable to flim

  • zaiden Bitner  11 months ago

    where is he