Top 100 Plays of the 2018 Season! | NFL Highlights

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 8, 2019
  • Check out the top 100 plays of the 2018 NFL season!Subscribe to NFL: out our other channels:NFL Vault Network Films Rush #Football #AmericanFootball


  • Keagle  5 months ago

    Like if you’ve thrown as many super bowl tds as Jared Goff

  • TITAN CROFT  13 days ago

    What is wrong with Goff? I love the rams

  • A R  5 months ago

    Am I Tripping or is the raiders 99 yard punt return not on the list

  • joshua phillips  21 days ago


  • Kavi 80  5 months ago

    Did anyone realize that half of these plays are Cleveland Browns plays

  • Nick  3 days ago

    America’s team

  • Stephen Salach  5 days ago

    It was like 5...

  • Adam DeShields  5 months ago

    Next do a, "Top 100 blown calls of the 2018 season".

  • Jacob Miller  23 days ago

    Roughing the passer a whole lot and missed pass interference calls *cough* Rams vs Saints*cough*

  • M Row  1 months ago

    wouldn't all 100 be that one from the Saints/Rams playoff game...

  • terpfan99  14 days ago

    I agree with #1, but Henry’s 99-yard run should have been #2. That’s only the second time in history that’s happened.

  • RIPjkripper  5 months ago

    Ah yes, the Miami Miracle. The Football Gods showing a small mercy to us after denying Dan Marino a SB ring and sticking us the same division as the damn Patriots.

  • Joshua Coley  10 days ago

    Dont worry belichick will retire soon. Then they will be doormats again

  • Nick Heebsh  2 months ago

    I dont want to hear it. My Lions went 5-1 in NFC North play in 2017 including a sweep of the Packers and STILL didn't win the division because the rest of their schedule was a murderers row.

  • Bubba _J  5 months ago

    They don’t even put a single George kittle play. He had an amazing season

  • Gibster  15 days ago

    Don't forget the raider one handed catch he had.

  • Gibster  15 days ago

    Dang NFL George Kittle and Travis kelce didn't make one of your highlights??? Kittle had at least 4 worthy of this list

  • Eddie Jackson pick six against Lions on Thanksgiving?

  • Michael Reiners  21 days ago

    Trubisky’s scramble TD against the Patriots was more impressive than half these plays.

  • KG  1 months ago

    @JAMES COX that's where you are wrong. You should check out Brett Kollmann's video on it. Maybe 3 guys in the league have the range to make it to the ball from where he started. Jackson just made it look routine.

  • Lord Oreo  5 months ago

    “Newton leading the way!”*runs out of bounds*

  • Luke Ulin  yesterday

    He threw a mean block on another reverse last year. De cleated someone