Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow (Live in Las Vegas)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 26, 2019
  • More Gaga: Gaga brings Bradley Cooper on stage in Vegas to perform "Shallow" live for the first time ever.Listen to the Oscar and Grammy-nominated A Star Is Born soundtrack: #shallowFollow Gaga Daily for more


  • Virginia Faulkner
    Virginia Faulkner  6 months ago +5262

    Im just gonna pretend this is the real ending to the movie and Jackson made it the the concert and they lived happily ever after and make super cute babies to play with charlie haha

  • HnG ND
    HnG ND  5 months ago +2123

    Right person, wrong time.

  • Amanda Christen
    Amanda Christen  6 months ago +1430

    I mean .... who WOULDN'T be in love with bradley cooper? 😍

  • irene
    irene  5 months ago +1521

    Lady Gaga is clearly into cooper, but I think cooper just truly adores her.

  • Maricela L.
    Maricela L.  6 months ago +2085

    Who's here after that amazing oscar performance? 😍

  • Bianca Jolyn
    Bianca Jolyn  6 months ago +1939

    She’s engaged, and he has a wife and kid. But they love each other. This is how the world should be... just love people unconditionally, share your passions and share your time. Help one another and bond.
    I also make covers on my channel! I’d love to your feedback 🖤

  • Sugar Wafer
    Sugar Wafer  2 months ago +641

    Who’s here after Bradley Cooper’s breakup? I think we all know what’s coming.

  • Adrienne Valencia
    Adrienne Valencia  5 months ago +732

    Their relationship reminds me of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • TheRandymanning88
    TheRandymanning88  6 months ago +547

    Just watched the movie A Star Is Born... The chemistry between the two... Is like they were made for each other.

  • UWE Stamm
    UWE Stamm  5 months ago +697

    There is love in the air. She definitely loves him.

  • Emily Carinne
    Emily Carinne  6 months ago +4923

    These two have insane chemistry, but I feel like people can be soul mates even if it's not a romantic relationship.

  • Georgia Robbie
    Georgia Robbie  6 months ago +567

    The chemistry between them is just phenomenal. This can’t just be a friendship between them, there’s something more I can feel it. And anyone with eyes can see it. And with Gaga splitting with her fiancee, I mean... There’s something there.

  • Nina Noir Paints
    Nina Noir Paints  6 months ago +609

    I think she fell head over heels for him, but I don’t think he’s living in her fantasy. She’s been searching for his character in real life.

  • H B Z
    H B Z  5 months ago +181

    I was not a Lady Gaga fan before. But she is an amazing singer and I love her in the movie A Star is Born. Also, I really, really, like that she is dressing down and looking more natural. I never cared for those crazy ass outfits and stuff she would do all the time. She is a beautiful girl with a lot of raw talent. Her natural look enhances that. The crazy outfits and stuff took away from her beauty and talent.

  • Aisha
    Aisha  6 months ago +313

    Lady Gaga is in love with Bradley the way she looks..

  • Naomi Morfe
    Naomi Morfe  6 months ago +1943

    there can be 100 people in a room and 99 don’t believe in you

  • Jo Steinberg
    Jo Steinberg  6 months ago +486

    Me: times Lady Gaga sounded less than perfect?
    Google: no results...

  • Natz84
    Natz84  6 months ago +404

    Who thinks it won’t be long before Bradley Cooper announces the end of his relationship either???

  • Céline Allais
    Céline Allais  6 months ago +203

    They seem so in love, I've never looked at my best male friends the way they look at each other! 😂

  • Jennifer Combs
    Jennifer Combs  6 months ago +238

    Never saw a live performance with so much chemistry and raw talent. It's incredible. Took me back. You can plaining see how connected they are and how they feel for each other.