Disneyland Discussion + Attractions We're Embarrassed to Admit We Enjoy | 07/10/19

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 10, 2019
  • In this episode, Southern California is hit by earthquakes, a viral video shows a fight in Mickey's Toontown at Disneyland, and we share which attractions we are embarrassed to admit we enjoy!

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  • YukarioMashimato
    YukarioMashimato  6 months ago

    Security isn't allowed to man handle people like the police, legally they are not law enforcement.

  • Leafyvlogs
    Leafyvlogs  6 months ago

    Craig time to stop apologising for yourself, you're doing fine!

  • yotalksalot
    yotalksalot  6 months ago

    Louella is so lovely :O

  • Gulch
    Gulch  6 months ago +1

    Was it that heavy, black girl that fell after getting smacked that caused the earthquake? So sorry to everyone.

  • The Erb's
    The Erb's  6 months ago

    It was really crazy here in Ridgecrest. A lot of buildings got damaged lots of schools and homes. The community is really pulling together and trying to get everything cleaned up and safe for everyone.

  • dancingangel95
    dancingangel95  6 months ago +2

    Cast members of ANY sort can’t put a hand on guests. They have to wait for the police. Like we’d get fired

  • Flightbudy2channel
    Flightbudy2channel  6 months ago

    That video was the best thing I’ve seen in a longtime! Also if anyone thinks the video was disturbing then you’re crazy.

  • Christian James
    Christian James  6 months ago

    Not trying to be rude at all or anything but what ever happened to Charles? I could be wrong but it feels like he hasnt been featured on the channel for months, does he still work for the DIS? I kinda really miss his input on things

  • zombiebbq
    zombiebbq  6 months ago +1

    security has to put themselves in danger sometimes! duh

  • Crafty MaiLee
    Crafty MaiLee  6 months ago

    To answer your question Craig, the ride was still going. The only way we knew there was an earthquake is because everyone was calling and freaking out.

  • Crafty MaiLee
    Crafty MaiLee  6 months ago

    The day after the fight, they up the security and it was annoying. With the earthquake we were in Disney California Adventure and just thought one of the ride vibrated the ground very well.

  • Tom Perkins
    Tom Perkins  6 months ago

    Get well soon Pete

  • dlh1970
    dlh1970  6 months ago +1

    My wife and I just got out of the elevator of the Haunted Mansion when the second earthquake happened. Everyone was very calm. We just stood there and watched the chandelier sway.

  • John McClish
    John McClish  6 months ago

    If you want more security you will have $200 per day park tickets next week and $250 in 3 months. It was 5 minutes stop complaining about the reaction time! Grow a pair people. It was a ugly act a stunt even? They all should be banned for life and Disney should bring charges and even sue them just to make the point!

  • Steve Soares
    Steve Soares  6 months ago

    Can't you do a split screen when you have multiple people talking?

  • Steve Soares
    Steve Soares  6 months ago

    Disney security is eyes and ears only. They bring in real cops for things like belligerent guests.

  • AbeautifulLife ***
    AbeautifulLife ***  6 months ago

    I am permanently traumatized and I'll be honest security there seems like a joke. I do not feel safe going there with my kids anymore and that makes me really sad.

  • Barb Hawkinson
    Barb Hawkinson  6 months ago

    David from Freshbaked was in DCA on the 5th when the 2nd quake hit. He was filming at the time and then continued to fim showing us what was happening. The video is here on youtube if anyone would like to see DCA during a quake.

  • Cathy Sherman
    Cathy Sherman  6 months ago

    Great to see Corey again☺

  • Carrie Cox
    Carrie Cox  6 months ago +2

    I love Tom Bell and his classic Disneyland backdrop! Such a fun line up with Craig and Ryno stepping up. 💫