How About Those Who Pass Can Leave? Let's Escape! [Running Man Ep 455]

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
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  • Alya Rahma  17 days ago

    Jongkook, haha, sechan and somin are really cool when they dance

  • shafiq riza  13 days ago


  • Mizuhashi Kazuma  16 days ago

    @violetcokolato hahaha he fucked up the last step😆

  • Sometimes i forget that kjk used to be in a group

  • Zylfrost54  11 days ago

    Jong Kook was in a dance group when he was in middle school.

  • Theo Joan  16 days ago

    But most importantly jae Seok used to dance with Exo xD

  • Shin Hye  17 days ago

    Somin is so good at dancing 🐸😘

  • Mizuhashi Kazuma  16 days ago

    @Rexly Rex she also has good voice

  • Rexly Rex  16 days ago

    @A Fangirl Of Everything I know right?!!!🥰❤️❤️❤️

  • LFK  13 days ago

    This comment section is full of positivity unlike on Instagram. This is how it should be. Keep it up 👍

  • Mizuhashi Kazuma  12 days ago

    @LFK thats why i hate TOXIC fans. They love Jihyo but they express and support her the wrong way...too extreme and embarassing Jihyo. I feel really symapthy to Jihyo and her true fan like u and all RM fans. RM fandom is the most TOXIC tv show fandom i ever see in the world....

  • LFK  12 days ago

    @Mizuhashi Kazuma I'm also a Jihyo, but I'm just tired that her toxic fans spewing hate to other members endlessly, even attacking their personal ig. And what makes it even sadder I used to follow Jihyo fanpages but unfollowed many of them when they continuously shaded Somin. It didn't feel right. The poor girl just doing her job, even in one episode she said if she didn't try her best, 'they' (SBS) will mad at her. I know some have reasonable reason to ask for better treatment for Jihyo but from wha...

  • Chaewon Lin  15 days ago


  • Kim Tae-tae  17 days ago

    When it comes to dancing it was haha and gary that automatically comes to my mind in RM❤️😢

  • Rockey Davinci  15 days ago

    @Vakz-kaz remember this?

  • Nat Bunlue  15 days ago

    Mizuhashi Kazuma honestly I still want the Monday couple to be real but it would never happen since Gary married and had a kid

  • Nur Sabrina  17 days ago

    Somin really good at dancing.. i can't even memorize my homework😂

  • Rexly Rex  16 days ago

    I forget my equations after 3 minutes XD

  • Nayun Asahina  13 days ago

    Guys stop with the positive comments to SominI'm tired of liking them all lol

  • Putri Wijaya  3 days ago

    @Mack Na  @Mack Na  ikr. Especially most of jihyo's fans is Somin's hater. It's make me sad. I love all RM Member since eps 1 like jongki, lizzy and gary era until this era I love all of the cast.

  • Fred Eye  5 days ago

    I was also about to fucking fight you until i realized the later comment. Fucking love somin!

  • 셀자  16 days ago

    Woah! I didn’t expect they were this good!! Especially Somin, Jongkook and Haha😍

  • 셀자  16 days ago

    and Kwangsoo and Sechan was so cute while dancing😍😁

  • nhm love  17 days ago

    No wonder the guy in the club approached somin, she‘s swagg 😆

  • Dyan Mu  14 days ago

    ahahhahah agree. I find her cute and swag at the same time. She's my ideal type actually.. starting today kkk