Sea of Thieves Weekly Stream: The Playground

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 29, 2019
  • Come out to play with Jon, Joe, Mike and our latest guest streamer JasonSulli as they try to recreate classic playground games in the wide world of Sea of Thieves! Visit the official game site at

    This week's guest: JasonSulli (

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  • Shaggy
    Shaggy  6 months ago


  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl  7 months ago

    When do they stream

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl  7 months ago

    Can someone explain to me how the giveaway works because I still don’t understand

  • joão beach
    joão beach  7 months ago

    leave the game for free, please

  • derlon john-alexandre

    Go event head skull

  • Joe Allen
    Joe Allen  7 months ago

    "C U Next Tuesday"

  • ricky worthington
    ricky worthington  7 months ago +1

    Now that you've enabled optional crossplay (well, in the future anyway) I'm excited for Arena now. I wasn't even gonna bother with it before the news.

  • Lyman Babbitt
    Lyman Babbitt  7 months ago

    If anyone is wondering where they got those sweet glass skull mugs, I made them and sent them across the pond to them. If you would like your very own, send me a message!

  • Frederic Menges
    Frederic Menges  7 months ago

    One of the most entertaining session to watch for me. Wow, what a fun time I had watching you taking this great new kid under your wings, then later on plaing the gun powder keg game etc etc.. well done and thank you for all :D

  • Dissapointing Salad
    Dissapointing Salad  7 months ago

    Press F to pay respect for Sergeant Elias

  • MiglasGOD
    MiglasGOD  7 months ago

    i need help sea of thieve team i enter the game and i play the game but then when im playing it gives an error saying update your drivers exiting the game

  • travis barnes
    travis barnes  7 months ago

    Gunpowder Skeletons makes rare the ultimate trolls lol

  • tyler guzman
    tyler guzman  7 months ago


  • Christopher Beaudet
    Christopher Beaudet  7 months ago

    Sea of Thieves on ps4

  • Shuggy Conehead
    Shuggy Conehead  7 months ago +4

    People want whales and dolphins. It would be great to see a whale breaching in the distance or dolphins traveling with the boat.

    I know y’all say it isn’t piratey, just would be nice to see more deep sea life.

  • The Gradontron
    The Gradontron  7 months ago +2

    I hope cross-play doesn't change. Im a PC player but several of my regular crew mates are on Xbox. It'd kill a lot of the fun if I couldn't play with them anymore.

  • Tachanka Main
    Tachanka Main  7 months ago

    Petition to have elon musk to host the Weekly Stream

  • Vladimir G.
    Vladimir G.  7 months ago

    1080/60 for Xbox One X !!!

  • Tedakin
    Tedakin  7 months ago

    1:40:20 Dropping shade on Atlas :D

  • Eli Drake
    Eli Drake  7 months ago +1

    please manke why is the rum gone your sea of thieves trailer