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  • Hotel Nikko Saigon
    Hotel Nikko Saigon  a years ago +3627

    On behalf of Nikko Hotel Saigon, we would like to show our gratitude to you for making a Video review about our La Brasserie, Seafood Buffet. The Video was exceptional. Furthermore, we are really looking forward to welcoming you again.

  • Anuj Nair
    Anuj Nair  a years ago +1051

    Who said money doesnt buy you happiness.

  • d kaur
    d kaur  11 months ago +414

    I love how everyone else is dressed really good and then there is mikey who shows up dressed normally....u r an inspiration mikey lol

  • 746tom
    746tom  a years ago +715

    he ate more lobsters in this video than me in my live...

  • Apps Typhoon
    Apps Typhoon  10 months ago +292

    right after my wife and I watched this video we went in Saigon just to try this buffet and it was absolutely insane!!! It was the best buffer ever!!!

  • Rajarsi Das
    Rajarsi Das  a years ago +501

    He is the only person actually enjoying the food....others are busy on their phones n missing out the real fun.

  • Cin
    Cin  a years ago +278

    the guy giving the tour sounds like he has a british accent on top of his vietnamese accent.
    first time hearing that mix, sounds really interesting!

  • ricecakejohnson
    ricecakejohnson  a years ago +154

    $53.00??? Just the lobsters alone is worth the price. I wouldve ate about 4-5 lobsters!!!

  • Sophiie
    Sophiie  a years ago +250

    Mike really gets more that his money’s worth at a buffet 😂

  • Rahul Vetal
    Rahul Vetal  a years ago +190

    Warning! Don't watch if you are hungry.

  • Chellekathrynnn
    Chellekathrynnn  21 days ago +33

    Did anyone else’s video take a cut around 8 minutes? He was talking about peaking duck and then it cut off

  • Alisha Renee
    Alisha Renee  a years ago +96

    Bye states HELLOOOO Vietnam

  • Mr. Detroit
    Mr. Detroit  a years ago +105

    “Lobster waits for no man” words to live by

  • chan0
    chan0  11 months ago +72

    “We’re gonna bypass the salads”
    Wise words

  • Rebecca Moon
    Rebecca Moon  8 months ago +42

    Who else had their mouth drop when they saw the clip of the buffet??? Cause mine did

  • Bmoney Musick
    Bmoney Musick  7 months ago +49

    Time to line my bag with tinfoil ...

  • Really
    Really  5 months ago +29

    I eat here once a month... it includes wine and beer. The best!

  • Tile Tom
    Tile Tom  a years ago +544

    I don't know why i keep punishing myself watching these videos.

  • sky 1187
    sky 1187  a years ago +107

    Vietnamese makes the best soups. Great advice my man.

  • Journey of my soul

    $53 that’s cheap.
    That is an amazing Amazing seafood buffet.
    Really good video