Raise Up The Lights (ft. The Seige) [OFFICIAL AUDIO] | All-Star 2018 - League of Legends

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 23, 2018
  • The world's top League of Legends pros and community members will compete under the neon lights of Las Vegas December 6-8 at the 2018 League of Legends All-Star Event. “Raise Up The Lights”Featured artist: The SeigeWritten by: Riot Music Team and The SeigeProduced by: Riot Music Team and The SeigeMixed by: Kairo https://www.facebook.com/theseigemusic/http://www.theseige.com


  • Luna Snow  8 months ago

    Riot Games : *"Look at me ... I am a music company now..."*

  • Gragas  8 months ago

    Elementalist Lux is that Captain Philips reference?

  • Chicken Chicken  8 months ago

    Riot games = best music and gaming company xD

  • Tensa  8 months ago

    The comment section:1% : sounds pretty good I think99% : LoL RiOt BeCaMe A mUsIc CoMpAnY hAhAhaHahHaA

  • Lộc Panda.  2 months ago


  • Sharvin Jogoo  7 months ago

    you are right

  • shoryu  8 months ago

    Riot Games by day.Riot Records by night.

  • Christian Cloud  3 months ago

    Nice one 👌 man

  • Braxx  5 months ago

    @Mitch Nelson Well soon we will get an MMO by Riot based on the lore of Legue of legends.Also when a blizzard employe is fire or leaves, they go to Riot.

  • Rekken and Yu  8 months ago

    Keep em coming. I’m not complaining.

  • Kofut  7 months ago


  • Sultan JUM  7 months ago

    I used to be excited for the new cinematics, but now I'm excited for their new music!

  • Bloody Butterfly  7 months ago

    Lyrics : [Verse 1]Yeah, keep it simpleDrop a rock into the water watch it rippleTides turn quick, just keep your head on a swivelCompetition getting stiff I'm here to make it wiggleYou know meSurround your whole town make you yell, "Seige"All-Star, homie, this the king's speechYou can lock it down we gon' still breachBoy, preach[Chorus]FightWho's next in line?Can you make that climb?Now is the time, get out of your mindRaise up the lights, we all here tonight, so let's do it...

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  • Yukia Hitsugaya  2 months ago

    Thank you so much

  • Abanob Nagy  8 months ago

    Riot games, a music and movies studio but they also make some games

  • EmmanuelKai25  8 months ago

    best company ever

  • Ong Zen Shawn  8 months ago

    One video game and one board game

  • Archwyn  7 months ago

    I never played a single game of LoL, but I'm so hungry for every video, every piece of music you guys put out there. Your cinematics are some of the highest quality out there, your songs are so amazing I could listen to them all day. The world and immersion you create with your e-sports events, even for people who don't play the game are breathtaking.Riot games, you're doing what I wish every studio with a large franchise and e-sports scene would do. Keep it up, I sincerely hope your amazing high stan...

  • LegendX 700  4 months ago

    If you like it so much then play it

  • Chay Chay  7 months ago

    Jarritos TF I dunno about you but I wanted nasus to get 12 stacks off cannons and jg monsters. So they’re doing what I want lmao

  • Frunbe  8 months ago

    Hearing lol MusicGetting on fireStarting Ranked for 1v9going 1/9/2loosing gold promocry.

  • Cosmina Arcos  7 months ago

    just storm on bots

  • Hallo  7 months ago

    youre soon iron

  • Youmuus  8 months ago

    Only drop bangers 🔥

  • Ethan Silva  6 months ago

    Yoooo waddup youmuus!!!

  • Adolf Hitler  6 months ago

    @Predatory HawkZ as

  • Aditya A  8 months ago

    Riot music team killed all music production in worldwide. (EDM, POP, ROCK, KPOP)

  • Apex Pradator  7 months ago

    This got a whole lot controversial

  • Chrissel L  7 months ago

    Metal and orchestra too