Rebuilding a Wrecked 2017 Dodge Viper Part 6

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
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  • LowVoltTech  4 months ago

    e brake cables are routed into opposite frame holes for less resistance on 90 degree bends.

  • Blake Tucker  3 months ago

    Bend radius sounds like a good reason, my thought was if you were looking from the top then it would be the correct (Right vs left)

  • Mr Pickle  4 months ago

    I totally guessed bend radius tolerance. Checked the comments, boom.

  • Rennerson Clyde  4 months ago

    who wants ALEX and GOONZQUAD to race their VIPERS?

  • Baha Keskinsoy  4 months ago

    @Mohanned albeik by far

  • Mohanned albeik  4 months ago

    The goonsquads' would take out Alex's

  • Determined Veteran  4 months ago

    The amount of time that goes into a project like this is amazing.... Filming and editing is a job in itself !

  • bigpjohnson  4 months ago

    I've gutted and rebuilt my own cars, but the talking, filming, and editing seems like the bigger job!

  • James Fondren  4 months ago

    That is what I am saying... Jeezus man this kid is a machine himself.

  • Judah Soyonov  4 months ago

    This is what a rebuilding channel should be like love your channel keep it up!

  • Arch Stanton  4 months ago

    Alex....young man you give me faith in the younger hot rod gearhead generation. Back when I would have killed to have had a smart phone to video stuff and add notes as we pulled cars down for resto.We made do with cases of yellow legal pads and pages of written notes, and about as many packs of Polaroid film (ask somebody you know who is old about that LOL ).I wonder why you couldn't use grade 8 panhead bolts with self locking nuts in place of the rivets if you can get on the backsiide of them. If n...

  • James Fondren  4 months ago

    This kid is just gives me hope for the younger gens in general, never mind the car stuff.

  • H&P Customs  4 months ago

    Shits getting good, best build on YouTube period.

  • John Winkler  4 months ago

    Check out Project Binky. They're putting Celica running gear into a Mini and building it from the ground up. This is build is good, but the fabrication on their build is amazing - so much so, that it's been over 4 years since they started.

  • Zavi Ali  4 months ago

    Exactly. He's too pro at doing this stuff. Amazing content and more so his dedication and effort is equally commendable.

  • Roger Granville  4 months ago

    You can use Dynamat that's the best stuff for what you're looking for

  • dmikhou  4 months ago

    Dyna mat makes good sound deadening as well, I dont know about price tho

  • bigpjohnson  4 months ago

    Its not cheap, but nothing good ever is

  • Tommie211093  4 months ago

    dmikhou i also think this is the best for soundproofing.

  • BT- Gamer  4 months ago

    6:18 I could fit in im acually too fat :D

  • Drew Daskievige  4 months ago

    Nah he can fit , just wouldn't be able to move much or at all.

  • WaybackTECH  4 months ago

    Heat gun will loosen up the adhesive on those pads so you can remove them without tearing them.

  • Colin Walsh  4 months ago

    definitely worth a try