Tale Of Under Ocean - lofi instrumental mix

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 20, 2018
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  • Jordy Chandra  9 months ago

    Thankyou! Hope u enjoy! 😌

  • mario soler  6 days ago

    ..by the way: it happens to me, all the time i feel happier than ever but i do not¡ce those changes😊

  • Rosetta  1 months ago

    I wish I could buy these songs together as an album in my Amazon music app <3

  • Baracho  9 months ago

    loads of us here feel sad, depressed, angry or feel empty, it makes me think, is our generation going in the right direction? Countless times I catch myself loosing sight of what I want and what I have or what I had. Why? Maybe it's staying up late that got me thinking. But anyone who's reading this, I want you to believe in yourself. Trust yourself. Love yourself. It's hard. Very hard. But it's harder to see me losing myself than to love myself, and I hope the same goes for you. Most likely everyone w...

  • isra castillo  2 months ago

    Thank you :'( It's nice to know that even at great distances, there are more people like us. Please, never stop looking at the sky :')

  • technonine  3 months ago

    Thnx, but you know, the world is a big place, cant help but wander a little before you know where to go. Just know that if today doesnt work out, there is always tomorrow. Have a hug everyone! *huggggg*

  • Brinn C.  9 months ago

    Fits of pink huesWhere there should be none but bluesA girl in her dreamsLost deep in the seaUnder backs of humungous humpbacksSwirling past the last of the forgotten pastA girl in her thoughtsTo where she lay in knotsThe course of the undefinedWhere everything lay unminedA girl in her emotionOf loves forgotten oceanShe'll look up to the moon tonightOnly to look down on the tune of daylight

  • Kapil Mamtani  5 days ago

    I came to comments just looking for a poem on this video, as I wrote one in my language, and was wondering if anybody had same thoughts,now I see me through your eyes...

  • Celtic Cresent  6 months ago

    Two Words:Just Beautiful! :D 💓

  • Dreamy  9 months ago

    This is an unusual mix, I hope you enjoy <3

  • imen imen  1 months ago

    رائعة..شكرا جزيلا

  • kroleburic  4 months ago


  • Nautilus Shells  9 months ago

    *.You find yourself lost until someone comes to pick you up off your feet so you can find your way home.*

  • Kapil Mamtani  5 days ago

    @Tarte Opoire Everytime I feel that I`m on verge of breaking completely, I tell exactly same stuff, but to my dismay, this bitch called "HOPE" keeps me looking.....

  • Tarte Opoire  7 months ago

    I always see those kind of comment or phrases on lofi title I might be overreacting but this is naive thinking and could even be dangerous to some extent It perpetuates the myth that someone is going to save our fragile / sensible soul one day and we just have to wait to meet the right person. Nobody is going to save anyone but ourselve. This girl or that guy that you are waiting is also broken, we all are. Hardly few people handle and accept the sadness and pain of being alive. Is it the very ...

  • Fantastic Music  9 months ago

    Love the illustration, very cute.

  • Schwifty Music  9 months ago

    You always find the sweetest gems

  • UtopiaV  9 months ago

    I really love the beginning ~ preparing us to start a magical adventure or\and take us dwn a blissful time in our pasts. Thank u

  • Kool Demonfox  8 months ago

    Sorry I didn’t respond when this dropped dreamy I’ve been busy with college, I’ve been doing well the past couple of weeks now my classes are kicking my ass cause I’m doing really poorly in English right now, these essays are killing me T.T anyways I honestly don’t know if you read all of this or you just like it and move on but if you do read this, don’t stop posting cause you’re a big support for all of us who’s having a rough week and we need a chill ass mix to mellow out reality so please keep post...

  • Luis Tapia  5 months ago

    There is someone always reading and listening to what you say and post. We got your back

  • Lofi Hip hop Brasil  9 months ago

    Galera, estamos com uma iniciativa de lofi no Brasil, pfv apoiem