Good Teachers Vs Bad Teachers

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 1, 2019
  • What kind of teacher do YOU prefer?
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  • JianHao Tan
    JianHao Tan  14 days ago +1245

    We just released a new Q&A video! Watch it now>

  • Prisa Kharel
    Prisa Kharel  6 minutes ago

    What's the point of the bell if the teacher dismisses u

  • I suk at everything
    I suk at everything  49 minutes ago


  • Aga Family
    Aga Family  50 minutes ago

    0:30 Ok I'm not a professional, but i'm pretty sure women who are pregnant don't have stomachs that are like about to fall off.

  • Entity 303
    Entity 303  50 minutes ago

    now is September 20 whether Jian Hao will return his hand pone? ha ha ha ha.

  • Kelsey’s Galaxy
    Kelsey’s Galaxy  53 minutes ago +1

    Anyone here after the baby video?

  • Bing Bing
    Bing Bing  57 minutes ago

    U know what all my teachers are mean

  • Jade
    Jade  an hour ago

    i LOVE U MADAM SOOT BENG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Creative Matters
    Creative Matters  an hour ago

    plot twist

  • wwh04
    wwh04  an hour ago

    He got his phone back on the day of the Area 51 raid lol

  • Refan Makki
    Refan Makki  an hour ago

    Madam soot beng is so sweet she is so kind

  • Lily Lucy
    Lily Lucy  an hour ago

    "Blonde, blonde. Dye it black! "
    JianHao : But Madam Soot Beng, your hair is blonde to!

  • Chris Vazquez
    Chris Vazquez  an hour ago

    Kevin is that step brother who thinks he is cool

  • Oof Gurlシ
    Oof Gurlシ  an hour ago

    I want a teacher who gives food :p

  • Lei Dalisay YT
    Lei Dalisay YT  an hour ago

    Awww.....What a heart warming Madam Soot Beng....bring her back...I tought miss sherly was the good one but it was Madam Soot if you want madam soot beng back

  • iqbal ahmed
    iqbal ahmed  an hour ago

    I went on jinhoas insta and I saw the baby girl I swer

  • _GAINZ_
    _GAINZ_  an hour ago

    Why are you late I just broke my leg sorry

    Not a valid excuse

  • XxcookieloverxX :3 gatcha

    Madam soot beng just want her student to listen to her and she also carrying a baby so that's why she's like that this is how many people want Madam soot beng back

  • Abdul Moiz Gaming
    Abdul Moiz Gaming  2 hours ago

    Who else just found out that class t1t5 is tits

  • william franklyn Miller

    i see that bad teacher in my dreams!... My teachers r worse
    does that good teacher exist??