Café del Mar Chillout Mix 20 (2018)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 20, 2018
  • Follow our weekly Playlist:é del Mar Chillout Mix 20 Tracklist:The Lovebirds - Minako Marsh - BelleThe Normalites - Sun RisingDusky - Cold HeartSasha - Cut Me DownDitian - Crystal ForestLove Over Entropy - ToniiCornucopia - The Day You Got OlderEnergy 52 - Café del Mar (Dale Middleton Remix)» Website» Facebook» Twitter» iTunes is the official YouTube channel of the iconic Café del Mar brand. We upload new HD chillout videos every week. Please relax & enjoy...


  • Henrique Fernandes
    Henrique Fernandes  4 months ago +5

    Agora mesmo a escutar este Café del Mar !!!
    Muito Bom ...

  • Kieran PAVEY
    Kieran PAVEY  21 days ago +4

    I listened to the entire thing, no joke. Thank you so much for this, it helped me get through my homework.

  • Henrique Fernandes
    Henrique Fernandes  4 months ago +1

    Olá a todos...
    Sou um dos absorvidor de ChillHout já alguns anos a trás !
    Faz algum sentido !!! hehe :-))
    Acho mesmo que todos nós deveríamos seguir esta linha. ;-)
    bem aja a todos

  • Neptun Posidon
    Neptun Posidon  1 months ago +4

    11th of july 2019 romanic calender,san fulgencio alicante Spain.}°_°{ glück auf. }°_°{ como van las cositas?

  • Giovanni Di Meo
    Giovanni Di Meo  a years ago +7

    Billy Esteban fantastique:Mix oriental e chill out, TU ES UNIQUE, SUENO SPECIAL

  • Andrew's Picks
    Andrew's Picks  a years ago +4

    As a fellow musician, you have got some awesome compositions here. Really loving all of your work! 💘💙🙏💜💜💜

  • Sinan Acoustic
    Sinan Acoustic  2 months ago +4

    Enjoying a awesome tunes after work :) Much appreciated

  • C MD
    C MD  a years ago +22

    Great mix. Will be listening to this on the plane

  • DCDfan
    DCDfan  6 months ago +6

    Adore!!! My fav sumner feeling mix!🌴♥

  • Stephan Peroutka
    Stephan Peroutka  3 days ago

    KEEP UP THE GFEAT WORK & KEEP Surfin On Soundwaves of Life ...Dj SKIP

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez  4 months ago +2

    Otra vez genial !! Viva Café del Mar ! 😜🧚‍♀️🕺👄💋💖

  • Bas van der Veeken
    Bas van der Veeken  3 months ago +17

    00:00 Minako & The Lovebirds, Larse - Delusions (Larse Mix)
    05:11 Marsh - Belle
    10:48 The Normalites - Sun Rising
    16:37 Dusky - Cold Heart
    21:36 Sasha - Cut Me Down
    29:19 Ditian - Crystal Forest
    34:49 Love Over Entropy - Tonii
    41:13 Cornucopia - The Day You Got Older
    47:43 Energy 52 - Café del Mar (Dale Middleton Remix)
    Handy extension:

  • Robert Bowen
    Robert Bowen  a years ago +5

    Always loved the Cafe Del Mar music series, and still do. A complete fan, through and through

  • Mohammed Siaf
    Mohammed Siaf  4 months ago +2

    Wow...Super Chillout and Trance from 5:10

  • Steve Rooke
    Steve Rooke  10 months ago +13

    Was there last year, the sunset time is so emotional... Everyone gathers.... Boats the lot . The music is playing, so beautiful. Should be listed as a wonder of the world....
    This takes me there, with eyes closed open........ 😶

  • Pablo Alejandro Pérez Acosta

    First track is awesome. Thank you.

  • Max imus
    Max imus  4 months ago +3

    Energy 52 - Café del Mar (Dale Middleton Remix) BOOOOOMBAAAAAAA!!!!!!

  • Gatus Matus
    Gatus Matus  5 months ago +1

    Saludos... Desde Merida. Yucatan, Mexico 2019

  • Didier Danjour
    Didier Danjour  4 months ago +1

    Sur le grand ruban A20 mon autoradio joue ce mix là et je roule, roule ... Brive encore 330 km je vais écouter plusieurs fois ... J'arrive fillotte !!! Mais là c'est pause kawa ...

  • boxing boss
    boxing boss  4 months ago +2

    smoking a biffta in London town England kicking back and chilling to the sweet tunes at sunset ;)