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  • Published on:  Friday, June 17, 2016
  • Heartist - A chat with the legendary Tamil writer, director, stage, film and television actor Visu. Exclusive on Bosskey TV.

    Visu fine tuned his directorial skills under his mentor the legendary K Balachander until becoming a full-fledged director. He ventured into acting under his own direction in the Tamil Film, Kudumbam Oru Kadambam meaning family is a mixture of sorts, which was a talk of that period for its crisp storyline, sensitive story, sensational dialogues and well timed jokes. He further went on to direct films like Samsaram Adhu Minsaaram based on a true story, which was remade in almost in all Indian languages. He also directed many other films,Thirumathi Oru Vegumathi, Manal Kayiru etc.

    The programme "Visuvin Makkal Arangam" telecast by Jaya TV was essentially meant as a platform to serve a social cause. Arattai Arangam was a similar program that he hosted on Sun TV. Visu pioneered the use of the visual media to reach the common man.

    Watch Bosskey interact with your favourite celebrities only on Bosskey TV's Heartist, a heart to heart talk between the guest and the host. A two way interaction in an informal way with both taking a dig at each other. A no hold bar kind of a show. Not a usual run of the mill studio kind of a gig!

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  • Sasi Sasikumar
    Sasi Sasikumar  7 days ago +1

    Visu sir super

  • Ravi Sankar
    Ravi Sankar  7 days ago

    Visu sir.. We love you


    SIR you are very interesting person

  • Vassudevan Arun
    Vassudevan Arun  1 months ago

    Bosskey practice empathy. .. if some one talks to you the way you talk ... I bet you will get annoyed... change for good dude

  • Poornima KT
    Poornima KT  2 months ago

    Mr. Bosskey, why is there so much of sarcasm about the way Mr..visu delivers his climaxes while the whole world acclaimed his movies???. Watch from 4 minutes. Don't you feel that you are interviewing a legend of that genre?? If your whole idea about the interview is to show the public about the best qualities and efforts of a legend, you should have chosen a humble approach coupled with humour. Not underrating him.

  • Balaji Bashyam
    Balaji Bashyam  2 months ago

    Andha galathu Cine field la miga nallavaril oruvar

  • Balaji Bashyam
    Balaji Bashyam  2 months ago

    I am 60 years crazy of Visu sir movie

  • suresh kumar
    suresh kumar  3 months ago

    Otha basky

  • suresh kumar
    suresh kumar  3 months ago

    Bosky mf y u irritating he is legend to make interested movie

  • Lakshman Subbu
    Lakshman Subbu  3 months ago

    hell with boskey

  • Balaji S
    Balaji S  3 months ago

    ஐயா விசு சார் ஓரு பல்கலைக்கழகம்

  • Srinivasan Annadurai

    Motta over ha perura naa naa visu veriyan da

  • colwin rebero
    colwin rebero  5 months ago

    dai bosskey.... unaku avlodhan mariyadhai. ni lam porandhruka kuda mata da avar padam edukumbodhu. he is a legend.. first learn how to speak with legends before interviewing them.

  • Sindhu Muthu
    Sindhu Muthu  5 months ago

    Ur voice is kambreyam it's true

  • fredrick xavier
    fredrick xavier  6 months ago

    Waiting for ur movie sir

  • Paramesh Joker
    Paramesh Joker  6 months ago

    Bosskey nee oru padam edra paaklam kena

  • Paramesh Joker
    Paramesh Joker  6 months ago

    Bosskey ena da kena thanama kelvi kekran

  • Paramesh Joker
    Paramesh Joker  6 months ago

    சம்சாரம் அது மின்சாரம் Epic for 90s kids

  • k.s.selva kumar
    k.s.selva kumar  7 months ago

    Your best episode is with gangai amaran & sankarganesh its too good sir