No. 1 Seed Is Still Four Weeks Away | Ravens Final Drive

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 2, 2019
  • The Ravens are making a difference on and off the field. After Sunday's big win, the organization donated $200,000 to Thomas Jefferson Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore City for a new HVAC system.

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  • Michael Daley
    Michael Daley  1 months ago

    Big respect to the Baltimore Ravens, you're changing the NFL and helping to change LIVES in the community keep up the great work it's very much appreciated on both sides, GO RAVENS MUCH LOVE.

  • Bennybass
    Bennybass  1 months ago

    Man tuck and Humphrey are good dudes, I swear they are at everyone of these events, saw they were taking kids shopping today as well on Snapchat

  • viandolonga1
    viandolonga1  1 months ago

    Man that win was huge but these acts of kindness is a much bigger win 👍🏼

  • burning it up4 yt
    burning it up4 yt  1 months ago

    Donald trump for mvp

  • andy basilio
    andy basilio  1 months ago

    Lamar jackson change the NFL

  • Liu Kang Kixx
    Liu Kang Kixx  1 months ago


  • Donovan Sales Sr.
    Donovan Sales Sr.  1 months ago +3

    Personally as a RAVENS fan l dont like all the hype and attention as long as the RAVENS stay focus and keep it one day at a time
    one game at a time.
    They should be OK.

  • Andrew Boucher
    Andrew Boucher  1 months ago +6

    Well done guys always remember whom much is given, much is expected... Also nice to see my Jamaican flag🇯🇲 being displayed..

  • Tom Hopkins
    Tom Hopkins  1 months ago +1

    And yet you seldom see Baltimore Orioles as an organization or individuals doing these things. Quite a different mentality between baseball and football.

  • Real Rullah
    Real Rullah  1 months ago +3

    That's wassup very good of The Ravens organization to give back to the community of Baltimore.

  • xLegendaryPete
    xLegendaryPete  1 months ago +2

    good for tucker and company giving back to Bmore when they need it most.

  • Cameron Leon
    Cameron Leon  1 months ago

    After getting dominant wins for over a month straight it was great to see our team in a nail bitter playoff atmosphere and have a “find a way to win” type game. Because let’s be honest the only argument most “experts” will have is if we peak “too soon.” If a win like that isn’t proof of how good and balanced this team is I don’t know what is. Great job team the definition of Gritty Gang

  • king shark
    king shark  1 months ago

    A dime and a deuce, .... I only have preseason L's left of buffalo and Pittsburg.

    Please dont lay a egg with the jets and dam sure dont get swept by the browns.

    Dam tho,.
    Bills, jets,browns and blitzburg... that's some tough defensive units still to get by till 2nd season. Wheeew. We heading into the playoffs, built ford tough.

  • Sang Nguyen
    Sang Nguyen  1 months ago

    Like Coach Harbaugh says we need to stack them wins and play smart on defense and offense don't let up for anyone GO Ravens #1 seed.

  • Packer Power
    Packer Power  1 months ago

    Matt LaFleur will win coach of the year.

  • Edwin Henry
    Edwin Henry  1 months ago +1

    Ravens will win the Super Bowl! Then refuse to visit the Whitehouse because there’s a rat in the Oval Office! That’s karma!

  • Yee Lahowah
    Yee Lahowah  1 months ago +10

    Our schools shouldn't need a Football teams help but great work. #NotMeUs

  • Aiden Thomas
    Aiden Thomas  1 months ago

    lamar for mvp

  • Ms Sandy
    Ms Sandy  1 months ago +3

    My that was a great win! Another tough one coming up! Keep it going Ravens!

  • McDiamond
    McDiamond  1 months ago +8

    I'm expecting the Bills to be a trap game. Need to be on high alert next week.