Smooth Jazz Chillout Lounge • Smooth Jazz Saxophone Instrumental Music for Relaxing, Dinner, Study

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 28, 2019
  • Smooth Jazz Chillout Lounge from Dr. SaxLove. Relax, enjoy, chill out, be cool...► Subscribe for more smooth jazz saxophone:► Play along with the backing tracks:► Reach out to Dr. SaxLove:🎧 Smooth Jazz Chillout Lounge Playlist 🎧00:00 Sweetness*04:57 Summer Dream*09:53 Just My Imagination14:52 The Frequency Of Knowing*20:57 Use Me25:50 I'll Follow The Sun29:51 Love Me Do34:31 Mercy Mercy Me38:54 I'm Not The Only One43:13 Lean On Me47:29 Always*53:58 Where Is The Love?58:59 Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing*composed by Dr. SaxLove........................."Smooth jazz is music that evolved from a blend of jazz fusion and easy listening pop music, featuring a polished pop feel with little to no jazz improvisation. The genre arose in the mid-1970s in the United States, but it was not named "smooth jazz" until the 1980s. Traditional jazz players and jazz purists did not embrace the popular style; Jazz Journal's "Sound Investment" column stated in November 1999 that it "would cover an extremely wide spectrum of jazz styles" while avoiding smooth jazz.The earliest smooth jazz music appearing in the 1970s includes the 1975 album Touch by saxophonist John Klemmer, the song "Breezin'" as performed by guitarist George Benson in 1976, the 1977 instrumental composition "Feels So Good" by flugelhorn player Chuck Mangione, and jazz fusion group Spyro Gyra's instrumental "Morning Dance", released in 1979.[2] Smooth jazz grew in popularity in the 1980s as Anita Baker, Sade, Al Jarreau and Grover Washington released multiple hit songs. The smooth jazz genre began to decline at the end of the 1980s in a backlash exemplified by critical complaints about what many critics saw as the "bland" sound of top-selling saxophonist Kenny G, whose popularity peaked with his 1992 album Breathless." ~Wikipedia..................................Dr. SaxLove specializes in soft music, smooth jazz, smooth jazz instrumental music, Motown jazz, pop jazz, romantic jazz, saxofon jazz, and jazz blues. His music is optimized for relaxation, studying, dinner music, sensual moments, and any time chill out saxophone music is desired.Enjoy more of Dr. SaxLove's Romantic Music on the Romantic Love Songs Channel: ►


  • Me  2 months ago

    If anyone's curious, the picture is the Dallas Art's District.

  • Leila Perez  yesterday

    Thank you, I was wondering. Very nice

  • Nathan Bush  yesterday

    Thanks! I was thinking Boston's Prudential Tower, because of that neat looking solarium! It has something similar!

  • Danielle Moore  3 months ago

    I have my headphones on my belly so that my unborn son can listen to this wonderful music. Thank You soooo much. All the way from Maryland.

  • Aquarius Lady  22 days ago

    I miss jazz on radio. And jazz music, like classical makes the brain more intelligent. We need young people exposed to it more. Its a a shame that so many radio stations pulled jazz music.

  • Whodunit  22 days ago

    So cool. Way to go mom!

  • meganxxk  3 months ago

    que musica mas relanjate para estudiar 😍😍 2019 y 2020

  • Leedna Wiggins  13 days ago


  • meganxxk  3 months ago

    buenas canciones

  • Samuel Ayalew  2 days ago

    Wow Saturday afternoon ... this music with coffee.

  • Dr. SaxLove  yesterday

    Slice of heaven, right there. 😎

  • Thank you!! This music is great for reading.

  • Dr. SaxLove  4 days ago

    🙏 Christina... I appreciate you! ~Dr. SaxLove

  • I'm so in love with this compilation damn!

  • Dr. SaxLove  4 months ago

    Thanks for the love, Judian. I appreciate you! ~Dr. SaxLove 🙏

  • Sandra Koger  3 months ago

    I love jazz,master. It sound so good. I like turn up the music . blasting it lound.,snapping my Finger to the beat.

  • Baraa  2 months ago

    I hope you’re not Thanos

  • Dr. SaxLove  3 months ago

    Awesome, Sandra! I'm loving that you're loving it! Much love to you! ~Dr. SaxLove 🙏

  • Dieni Oliveira  13 days ago

    Melhor som que tem, me traz vibrações super positivas.. Gratidão por compartilhar 🙏.

  • Julio Figueroa  3 months ago

    If all world governments dedicated themselves, to the arts including music, dance, sculpture, painting, and so on w`d have a better world, since people who play, sing, dance, and paint, are happier and more productive,which would lead to general sustained, and sustainable development BLESSINGS

  • andrew pond  2 days ago

    We wish

  • Brian Jackson  21 days ago

    Could not agree more but then..there's religion....and everyone thinks they're right ... and will kill to prove it."Imagine there's no's easy of you try..." JL

  • Catherine BEDUER  4 months ago

    Excellente compilation mon cher Mark !! 🎶🎷🎶 😘 J'ai adoré comme toujours ainsi que ces magnifiques paysages 😍 Félicitations et merci infiniment cher Ami. 😊🌹❤

  • Tina Behanzin  3 months ago

    Très bonne musique vous parler toute les langues ?

  • @Catherine BEDUER et ouiiiiii ma chère !