Google Pixel 2 Unboxing! (Best Android 8.0 Features)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 17, 2017
  • Second look at Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL with the retail boxes!

    Live wallpapers:

    Backdrops app:

    Video Gear I use:

    Intro Track: Snow fire by Alltta



  • Oreki Houtaro
    Oreki Houtaro  14 days ago

    Video QuAlity iS clEarer thAn mY lIfe

  • Dark
    Dark  1 months ago

    I'm about to switch to a OP7 pro but I could wait for a pixel 4 ,

    I'm watching on a pixel 2 right now , it's rewarded me so nicely for this past year !

  • Syad Chowdhury
    Syad Chowdhury  2 months ago +1

    Now Playing? It seems a war against Shazam

  • what is a universal set?

    Thank god there's a dongle... oh wait... there's no headphone

  • Dickhead with a Catface

    Google the new Nokia

  • Baffa Usman
    Baffa Usman  10 months ago

    U r most certainly d best!

  • tait love
    tait love  11 months ago

    I love that Google jacket where can I get it

  • Mohammed Faisal
    Mohammed Faisal  a years ago

    Marques! Great!😊

  • Galaxy SuperNova
    Galaxy SuperNova  a years ago

    When’s the Pixel 3 coming out

  • how to smash your phone 2018

    so google rick rolled you, and i watched this while eating OREO

  • All- Terro
    All- Terro  a years ago

    Marcus the backdrops app is fantastic ... I've gotta hand it to you , nice use🔥

  • Jeff Wissing
    Jeff Wissing  a years ago

    Marques!!!!! Thanks to all of your Google Pixel videos I am going to switch from my Motorola Z 2 Force to the Pixel!!!!!!!! Thanks for the reviews!!!! I can't wait to see ALL of your upcoming videos for the Pixel 3 and 3 XL and for the future Pixel 4 and 4 XL !!!! You are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE!!!!!!

  • Shanu Sharma
    Shanu Sharma  a years ago

    U just made my day

  • Rahoz Azad
    Rahoz Azad  a years ago

    No headphones in the box?

    ARIES  a years ago

    In my opinion, this Pixel 2 is somewhat trying hard to be an iPhone when it comes to the earphones when they said way back in their conference before that they will not remove the headphone jack..

  • Allaijah Mariah
    Allaijah Mariah  a years ago

    Okay that is so cool YouTube let me get one of those Google pixel

  • soccsoccermania
    soccsoccermania  a years ago

    great video! Love your half zip!

  • Vashist Venkatesh
    Vashist Venkatesh  a years ago +1

    Maybe it's just me ... But I prefer having bezels on my phone. Feels safer .... XD

  • Overlord
    Overlord  a years ago +1

    Kneel iPhone peasants to The Mighty Pixel!

  • Joe
    Joe  a years ago

    Why does every video I watch the pixel 2 they're always using the pixel 2 XL and not the regular pixel 2 I think that the pixel 2 so much better