BTS + Drugs = This Video

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 8, 2018
  • We love a bts sister on crack.


  • Kpop Lover
    Kpop Lover  45 minutes ago

    1:06 that one slap got me dyeing 😂💀

  • Kyanna Rivera
    Kyanna Rivera  45 minutes ago

    I DIED AT 2:44

  • n o
    n o  52 minutes ago +1

    i was just watching the truth untold crying and now i am watching this

  • Megan Turnock
    Megan Turnock  56 minutes ago

    Someone please help hoseok

  • Samira Wilson
    Samira Wilson  an hour ago

    this whole video has me dead😂😂

  • NamjoonKoyaChan BTS

    *me watching this on a school night*

  • rhianna
    rhianna  an hour ago

    They must be high on some oxy"jin"
    Get it?
    Okay ill leave

  • Stephanie Quintanilla

    1:52 *Australian voice* As you see deep in the jungle there's a rare yoongisoarasrex on the loose. *yoongisoarasrex sticks out his butt* *same voice*' wow, as you see here, he's doing the mating call. ' *wild hobisoarasrex comes* *same voice* 'there it is, the mate of the rare yoongisoarasrex.'

  • Bangtan Meiko
    Bangtan Meiko  an hour ago

    Namjoon: Mood
    Hobi: Ball of sunshine
    Hotel? *TRIVAGO*

  • DuhhItsOra Kraylee

    1:55 이것은 bts가 미친 것을 증명합니다. 하지만 너는 그들을 사랑해야 해.

  • DuhhItsOra Kraylee

    1:16 omfg lmao

  • MewtwoPower1 BTS ARMY


  • Emily Par
    Emily Par  an hour ago

    XD OML his was hilarious and I made some of the weirdest sounds

    TIM ACE  2 hours ago


  • Kpop_Lisa _Jmin
    Kpop_Lisa _Jmin  2 hours ago

    0:37 It's so funny when jmin was like " WHAT WHAT " shakeing his head at the same time then started doing those crake up moves 🤣🤣😂😂 while jhope and Jin hopping around 😂😂😂.
    And RM at the back = Me 🤣🤣😂😂

  • M o c h i C h a n
    M o c h i C h a n  3 hours ago

    Literally my eternal mood

  • The UNICORN Channel
    The UNICORN Channel  3 hours ago +1

    1:07 is mood

  • Lestel Piche
    Lestel Piche  4 hours ago

    0:13 when it’s the first day of school

  • Marijose Robles Lopez

    1:00 cant stop 😂

  • Mika Playz
    Mika Playz  4 hours ago

    Someone gave these boys too much candy 😂😂