Steve's TOP 5 BEST Walt Disney World Attractions | Best and Worst | 05/12/19

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 12, 2019
  • In this episode, Steve gives his current top five favorite attractions at Walt Disney World. Flight of Passage in Pandora: The World of AVATAR makes the list, but you'll have to tune in to see the rest!

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  • Mac NE1
    Mac NE1  3 months ago

    1) Flight of Passage
    2) Tower of Terror
    3) Rock n Roller
    4) Big Thunder Mountain
    5) Expedition Everest

  • ChibiGingi
    ChibiGingi  4 months ago

    The People Mover is a blessing when it's a million degrees outside and muggy as all sin and you're just wanting to sit back and let something move you for once. No thrills, no long waits, just... hop on and get a damn breather. Disneyland may have the superior Space Mountain, but we got a People Mover. Victory is OURS.

  • Synthion Prime
    Synthion Prime  4 months ago

    Top 5 for me:
    5. Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
    4: Soarin’
    3. Big Thunder Mountain
    2. Kilimanjaro Safari
    1. Haunted Mansion

  • Tickerage
    Tickerage  5 months ago

    5. American Adventure
    4. Space Mountain
    3. Spaceship Earth
    2. Magic Kingdom Monorail Loop
    1. Sea Raycers in Seven Seas Lagoon

  • CJ McC
    CJ McC  5 months ago +2

    I have PSTD from the Boston Tea Party as well #MAGANG

  • Raymond Meyers
    Raymond Meyers  5 months ago

    5. People Mover
    4. Splash Mountain
    3. Pirates of The Caribbean
    2. It’s a Small World
    1. Rockin’ Rollercoaster

  • ihatescreennames89
    ihatescreennames89  5 months ago

    Flight of Passage is just a 3D Soarin', imo. Wouldn't wait on it. Do it once with a Fast Pass. (Don't do the river ride in Pandora. Not worth it). A lot of people rave about the theming, but it's basically HVAC pipes, a few test tubes, some microscopes, iron shavings moved by magnets, and a slicone blue dummy in water. The waiting queue has lots of visible lines where they rushed the concrete work. The cave interior reminds me of the Abominable Snowman ride at the defunct Miracle Strip. The lab looks like the imaginers got surplus gear from a high school chemistry class. I was really underwhelmed by Pandora. Disney went the cheap route when making it (despite whatever number they will claim).

    AUBREY STALCUP  5 months ago

    I agree with Steve, I LOVE people mover. I even have a shirt that says "Meet me at the people mover."

  • Jeanette Smith
    Jeanette Smith  5 months ago

    Love the People Mover, too. It is so relaxing! My top 5: Flight of Passage, Big Thunder Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, and Soarin' Over California.

  • CB73
    CB73  5 months ago

    Love the list guys and agree with what you have but mine would be in a different order - however from previous visits I'm surprised that 7 dwarfs mine train isn't mentioned more considering its repeatedly got the longest stand-by ride of magic kingdom.
    Also, 'Its a small world' could be the greatest creepy ride if the lighting was changed and the music was swapped for something sinister - for a Mickeys not so scary perhaps?

  • Kerry Kunze
    Kerry Kunze  6 months ago

    *Horizons would be number 2 if it still existed*
    5. Thunder Mountain R.R.
    4. Muppet Vision 3D
    3. Carousel of Progress
    2. Splash Mountain
    1. Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Anita Ellenburg
    Anita Ellenburg  6 months ago

    I will never understand the mass appeal of People Mover and I am not a big fan of having my brain rattled on Space Mountain, but I love listening to everyone’s opinions!

  • Vincent Parisi
    Vincent Parisi  6 months ago

    Disney manages invariably to make rides worse when they improve them. I don't know how they manage it but they must have an advanced course somewhere.

  • memethyst
    memethyst  6 months ago +1

    oh my god canopie lake park i used to go there when i was a kid. i vaguely remember that little canoe ride and the log flume.

  • WillowRainJames
    WillowRainJames  6 months ago

    5. FOP
    4. Living with the Land
    3. Kilamanjaro Safari
    2. Expedition Everest
    1. Thunder Mountain - Both Coasts! Die hard always and forever row 15 Junkie!

  • emmie
    emmie  6 months ago

    5. Haunted mansion/ people mover
    4. Tower of terror
    3. Dinosaur
    2. Splash mountain
    1. Spaceship earth

    These definitely aren’t the best rides but they are my personal favorites. Also my favorite show is the American adventure

  • Amber Christine
    Amber Christine  6 months ago +1

    Call me crazy but am I the only one who thinks FOP is a little overrated? It’s a great ride but not the life changing unbelievable masterpiece everyone claims it is

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith  6 months ago

    Good picks all, Steve. No complaints here. Ryno, you're getting too jaded. You need to take a hiatus for a few years, then maybe you'll appreciate the 'magic' again.

  • IlovTrunks16
    IlovTrunks16  6 months ago +1

    My top 5 (based on nostalgic factors and certain physical limits I have):

    5. Toy Story Mania - Great theme, new, essentially a better version of Buzz Lightyear SRS.
    4. Big Thunder Mountain - Again love the theming, love seeing the town scene both on the ride and passing by via the train, would be higher if I could ride it without needing to premedicate (yay Meniere's :/ ).
    3. Flight of Passage - still holds a lot of magic for me and was my child's first 10/10 ride experience (an absolutely wonderful memory)
    2. Living with the Land - my favorite ride since childhood. I was fascinated by the hydroponic farming and adore the rain and farmhouse scenes. It takes me back to childhood each time. (Can't wait to do the tour!!)
    1. People Mover - I agree with Steve. I could sit there and travel tomorrowland all day! (And if only I could have a Dole whip while riding...🤔)

  • James Jones
    James Jones  6 months ago

    5. Seven Dwarves
    4. Tiki room
    3. Pirates
    2. Haunted mansion
    1. People mover