Carla Makes Eggs Four Ways: Poached, Fried, Scrambled & Omelette'd | From the Test Kitchen

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 4, 2018
  • The building block of breakfast (and so much more) deserves to be celebrated constantly. We're doing it with all of the egg recipes, techniques, videos, and tips you need to take your egg status from amateur admirer to professional fanatic.Still haven’t subscribed to Bon Appetit on YouTube? ►► BON APPÉTITCook with confidence using Bon Appetit’s kitchen tips, recipes, videos, and restaurant guides. Stay current on the latest food trends, dining destinations, and hosting ideas. Carla Makes Eggs Four Ways: Poached, Fried, Scrambled & Omelette'd | From the Test Kitchen


  • Atlαѕ- Z  1 years ago

    "into le crack, I put le chives!"lol she's definitely a mom

  • Ferroth  12 days ago

    shiny af

  • Periton  2 months ago

    @Tt Tt its a mom joke and she said her son can make scrambled eggs

  • Lexi Bowen  1 years ago

    i watch brad if i want something lighthearted and silly, i watch claire if i want something interesting and informative, and i watch carla because she reminds me of my own mom trying to teach me how to fend for myself, lmao, love this channel

  • Aaron Quick  3 days ago

    @Voogi Voogz This so much.

  • David Jatak  1 months ago

    I watch Chris for his palate and for the tEmPeReD cHoCoLaTe

  • Allana Entrada  6 months ago

    thank you carla for validating the way i make fried eggs

  • recca01982  2 days ago

    @8ightBitKid Wow,.... how DARE someone have a differing opinion to myself! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! RAWR!. That being said, unless you've tried it, or grown up with it this way, I could see why you people don't like it. But to call someone an idiot over a FOOD PREFERENCE,.... kind of shows you exactly who the idiot is.

  • Abigail Vogt  1 years ago

    wow i love her. i want her to invite me over for wine but also adopt me

  • Hadir Kabani  1 years ago

    Finally someone who does fried sun side up egg the RIGHT WAY! I hate when people make it and the white is not crispy and yolk has translucent slime in it. Like no. The scrambled though I like making it golden aswell and the omelette, Im weird 😂👏🏻 it has to be well done for me and the poached and the hard boiled eggs are a no ..... cause they are cooked.

  • Mahnoor Inam  13 days ago

    @JERÓNIMO AGUILAR on a day trip out

  • Daniel A Millar  4 months ago

    TinTin I wasn’t seriously arguing people shouldn’t be allowed to ruin their steaks. If you dislike taste, that’s your preference.

  • Joseph Holman  9 months ago

    2 eggs per person? I usually have 6😂

  • animayyy  13 days ago

    yes queen we stan the normalization of overeating

  • Ben Sosnowski  26 days ago

    Nightcore Daisuki I just googled if egg colesterol is bad for you and the first result is Mayo Clinic saying saturated and trans fat have a way higher impact than food colesterol.Nice to see one other person cares about the truth. So much misinformation and people need only to google it to find out

  • Al Aquino  1 years ago

    She is so delicate with her ingredients. It's like she is bringing it to life. Beautiful eggs, what an excellent chef.

  • Seann Holmes  7 months ago

    And she was wrong

  • Johannes Jørgensen  8 months ago

    i can't believe you missed the opportunity to use the "eggcellent" pun

  • SDoesNotKnow  11 months ago

    That fried egg with the oil and crispy brown edges is EXACTLY how I love my fried eggs, especially with white rice and a Vietnamese style fried pork chop. As for scrambled, I do a variation of Ramsey's style (I skip the cream) where I cook it in a pot with a big dollop of butter and stir it on the heat and don't salt and pepper it until after I take it off the heat. As for poached, the first time I tried, I was using Julia Child's recipe which called for vinegar, and I'm glad Carla found the vinegar to...

  • Nhật Phạm  7 months ago

    @Nunnles Then why did you commented? Carla would love to read fan's recipes

  • lane darr  3 months ago

    I can promise if you use garlic butter to start your omelette you will change lives

  • Vekxx  6 days ago

    lane darr you’ve never lied to me yet

  • Apostastrophe  8 days ago

    I don't normally use garlic butter, but I do add garlic in some form or another to my omelettes. And some form of hot sauce beaten into the eggs.

  • atreidestw  1 years ago

    This is why I come to this channel. I had no idea I was giving the wrong specifications for my eggs when at restaurants. From now on when I'm prompted "how would you like your eggs?" I will reply: "Shiny AF"