Carla Makes Eggs Four Ways: Poached, Fried, Scrambled & Omelette'd | From the Test Kitchen

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 4, 2018
  • The building block of breakfast (and so much more) deserves to be celebrated constantly. We're doing it with all of the egg recipes, techniques, videos, and tips you need to take your egg status from amateur admirer to professional fanatic.

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    Carla Makes Eggs Four Ways: Poached, Fried, Scrambled & Omelette'd | From the Test Kitchen


  • Silas Field
    Silas Field  5 days ago

    that fried egg was so wrong it hurt. absolutely cook your fried eggs in better with a non stick pan. preferably a really small one so you can contain the egg better

  • jayilla28
    jayilla28  7 days ago

    Who uses CVQ still? Lmao

  • 2eath
    2eath  21 days ago

    I found 4 med or 3 large eggs, beaten, salted, and left to sit for 10 mins, before heating them on on low heat (less than 100°C) for 5 mins with constant stirring, then cranking the heat up and vigorously stiring, makes the perfect omlette for me. The low heat slow stir makes it very creamy, and the higher heat fast stir finishes it up. Its not a complicated technique and it makes amazingly creamy scrambled eggs.

  • eggboi
    eggboi  21 days ago

    I just made my first poached egg! And then my second! It was so good and super easy with this method!

  • Igor Tanaskovic
    Igor Tanaskovic  21 days ago

    I love this show

  • wayne connell
    wayne connell  21 days ago

    Love your eggs

  • Corbin Wiggertower

    When is she due? Congrats!

    SUKANYA PURTELL  21 days ago

    Can someone tell me what vegetables she uses on the second egg??? Thank you I couldn’t hear or understood what she said thank you

  • TisEren
    TisEren  21 days ago

    i was lowkey kinda like "just stop talking and cook jegsksf"

  • Jack Daniel Parungao

    Thank God I'm Asian

  • Megan Henley
    Megan Henley  1 months ago

    I love this channel so much! Watching these amazing chefs mess up and discover new things about food makes me feel so much braver in the kitchen! 💛

  • Andreas
    Andreas  1 months ago +1

    Love you Carla - so entertaining

  • Britt Stilwell
    Britt Stilwell  1 months ago

    My 9 yr old son LOVES your videos and eggs. He tried the poached eggs technique and it came out beautiful!

  • Michelle Adame
    Michelle Adame  1 months ago

    Heated olive oil goes rancid. Becomes liquid trans fats.

  • Mr. Helper
    Mr. Helper  1 months ago

    A lot of puffing and snapping.... sounds like my ex wife

  • Dave Aultman
    Dave Aultman  1 months ago

    A matter of taste of course, but those fried egg whites look way to crispy and definitely overcooked. I'd send them back at a restaurant...

  • mikeg6niner
    mikeg6niner  2 months ago

    Shinny af.

  • Bella Curcio
    Bella Curcio  2 months ago

    Carla's the best

  • karen brower
    karen brower  2 months ago

    I love that Carla leaves in the cracked omelette because isnt that how most omelettes come out anyway. I run around the house showing everyone the pan if I get it to flip over without the inside seeping out of the folded part. A good nonstick pan is a godsend in these cases but timing and a good ear all play a role. I love the realness.

  • Aaaronicus
    Aaaronicus  2 months ago

    She would hate how I scramble my eggs. First, screaming hot pan, second butter, third, crack eggs straight into pan and use spatula to scramble them as they cook. Quickest and least dirty dish method I've found. Gets the job done.