How You Can Become A Millionaire! **Super Easy**

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 2, 2019
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  • Katherin Ramos Galvis
    Katherin Ramos Galvis  7 months ago +621


  • Karen Rojo
    Karen Rojo  7 months ago +489

    3 year old alex looked like princess gorgeous like if u agree

  • Tia Jxn
    Tia Jxn  7 months ago +127

    He low key looks like princess gorgeous as a child 😂😂

  • Chaelee Crane
    Chaelee Crane  7 months ago +233

    "Did you get ur ears pierced?"
    "What happened?"

  • TimeWith Richie
    TimeWith Richie  7 months ago +320

    that little boy is me talking to my crush ..

  • CRAZY- Gummibear
    CRAZY- Gummibear  7 months ago +46

    Alex: This is a secret so dont tell anyone.
    Alex: Postes it to the whole world so everybody can know!😂 LOL!!!

  • Bellab2707
    Bellab2707  7 months ago +32

    { \_/ }
    ( • - • )
    / >🥠
    Bunny has fortune cookie
    1 like= good fortune
    1 comment= bad fortune

  • Genelyn Love
    Genelyn Love  7 months ago +28

    You and the rest of the Burris fam is a goal. In short your Fam is a Family Goal. 💯 You are so blessed to have them Alexander Burris. Keep inspiring us. You deserve to have what you have right now. You're an amazing person. Keep on spreading positivity. Love you always. 💙💛

    EGG BOI  7 months ago +54

    Who else is SCROLLIN' down the Commen't SECTION while Watching the video?💛💕

  • Enchanted 01
    Enchanted 01  7 months ago +134

    You look like Princess Gorgeous at 3yrs old.

  • Kira Kathleen
    Kira Kathleen  7 months ago +30

    OMG why is Alex’s mom so gorgeous all the time?!?!?!?? Oml ❤️😍😍😍

  • Matt Harley
    Matt Harley  7 months ago +21

    14:57 is the worst part of the video

  • Dawn Sherratt
    Dawn Sherratt  7 months ago +22

    I love your dad, he reminds me of Fred Flintstone x

  • Lucy Harris
    Lucy Harris  7 months ago +15

    Your mums so sweet we love her

  • Yesenia Vega
    Yesenia Vega  7 months ago +10

    Alex, you are honestly such a sweetheart. I have never seen another YouTube as driven, positive, and appreciative as you are. Honestly, you are the best, I am so happy that I found you.

  • jazcara maxvoysey
    jazcara maxvoysey  7 months ago +5

    Was it just me who thought younger Alex was princess gorgeous???

  • Investing Hustler
    Investing Hustler  7 months ago +83

    Wednesday Friday Sunday ! 🔥🔥

  • Adam Balbino
    Adam Balbino  7 months ago +18

    I only have 1 like
    And it’s myself :(

  • Maddie Carney
    Maddie Carney  7 months ago +552

    I love Alex’s carrot hoodie❤️🥕

  • Saharish Saeed
    Saharish Saeed  7 months ago +14

    Actually almost 13 years 😉. I remember cause this anniversary for this YouTube is also my birthday. If I’m not 13 ur yet, ur channel hasn’t turned 13 either 🙃. January 25, 2006 is my bday and wasabi’$ anniversary. I’m so pumped